Anubis In London

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Anubis In London

Quite often when Renfield R. Renfield was on his walks through downtown London, he’d encounter a homeless person who often wore a cardboard sign around his neck sporting a clever slogan in hopes that this would inspire people to give him money.

He of course had given up on Renfield ever giving him money a long long time ago.

Today however Renfield noticed the man wearing a cardboard sign around his neck that sported the slogan NOT DEAD YET.

Renfield was so impressed by the slogan, he actually reached into his pocket…

… while the homeless man blinked in sheer astonishment…

… and pulled out…

… a gun…

… and shot him…

Renfield then stood over the body and used a felt marker pen to cross out the words NOT DEAD YET and wrote I AM NOW.

He then walked into a pub that made a particularly good steak and beef heart pie to buy one to take home.

As he walked out of the pub, he noticed a figure wearing a metallic cyborg looking jackal head standing over the homeless man and cutting out his heart.

As the figure stood up and walked past Renfield, the metallic cyborg looking jackal head bore the facial features of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis.

“Wow, that’s weird,” Renfield thought to himself as he bit into his steak and beef heart pie, “I didn’t know Anubis was a cyborg.”

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday February 20th

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