Amadeus Reads Renfieldian Tweets November 4th to November 9th 2020

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Amadeus was reading some Twitter tweets that his friend British MP Renfield R. Renfield had fired off the past week.

November 4th 2020:

The Democrats have stolen the election in Wisconsin and Michigan.
Now they’re working on stealing the election in Pennsylvnia.

November 6th 2020:

This election is proof positive that the techno-giants of Facebook and Twitter are in bed with Xi Jinping’s CCP.

November 7th 2020:

The United States of America April 30th 1789 to November 7th 2020.
Died from a virus called Neo-Bolshevism which cheated its way to power through vote fraud.
Biden-Harris were the names of the carriers.

Retweet of Kayleigh McEnany @JoeBiden
Where is @JoeBiden calling on the massive Super Spreader events held in his name to end?

Retweet of BetteMiddler @KayleighMcEnany
Kayleigh, I say this with all due respect… go fuck yourself.

Tweet of Renfield R. Renfield answering Bette Midler’s tweet:
Bette Midler is an expert at fucking herself since that’s the only way the dried up prune old bat is getting any these days.
And I say that with all due respect.

When Donald Trump tweeted that Republican Party observers were not allowed in counting rooms in many Democrat controlled counties across the U.S., Twitter put in a warning about ! This claim about election fraud is disputed.

Renfield retweeted Trump’s tweet with the Twitter Censorship Fact Check reply warning and put in his own tweeted editorial comment:

Anything the Neo-Maoist social media tech-giants (Facebook, Twitter) label as Fact-Check is as big a whopper of a lie as an Orwellian 1984 Ministry of Truth statement.

November 9th 2020:

Hey all you creeps who voted for Joe Biden (and you even bigger creeps who cheated on his behalf), shut your yaps about unity now.
No one wants unity with creeps and cretins like yourself. 2nd U.S. Civil War is coming.

2nd Renfieldian tweet of the day November 9th:

Good riddance to Crypto-Communist Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

3rd Renfieldian tweet of the day November 9th:

One thing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un got right was when he said, “Mr. Biden is a fool of low-IQ.”

4th Renfieldian tweet of the day November 9th:

It is not up to AP (Associated Press) to declare who’s U.S. President.
Biden is not President-Elect despite what the ass kissing sycophants in the mainstream Marxist media say.

5th Renfieldian tweet of the day November 9th:

BBC’s bald-headed North American correspondent Anthony Zurcher is a Communist.

6th Renfieldian tweet of the day November 9th:

The U.S. will face a “very dark winter” if the pro-Communist Joe Biden becomes President.

And Renfield’s 7th tweet of the day November 9th was a retweet of a beautiful woman Margot Miu’s photo:

And with that, Amadeus smiled and fell asleep where he had pleasant dreams.

He would have to read more Renfieldian tweets on another day.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday November 12th

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