Wonder Woman: A Poem

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Wonder Woman: A Poem

A woman of mysterious origin
finds herself in world of war and sin
she lived most of her life in an island paradise
soon finds herself in a world of deception and lies
Her isle and time intertwine
War has come to destroy peace sublime

She finds herself in London in the midst of the Great War
and soon in France amidst much blood and gore
But is it Ares who has led man astray?
Or when the light in men’s hearts succumbs to darkness’ way?

-A poem written
by Christopher
Sunday July 16th
(inspired by seeing the new Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot today)

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Haiku About Alfred Hitchcock’s Movie Psycho

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Haiku About Alfred Hitchcock’s Movie Psycho

Anthony Perkins
cleaness next to godliness
take shower then death

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Renfield and Amadeus Attend The Lone Ranger Opening And Talk Philosophy

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Renfield R. Renfield and Amadeus Emanon were sitting in a movie theatre awaiting the start of the new Johnny Depp movie The Lone Ranger.



Renfield was wearing a t-shirt that said GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER PSYCHOPATH.


“If there’s anyone who’s a master at getting in touch with their inner psychopath, it’s you,” Amadeus remarked as he munched on some hot buttered popcorn.


“Thanks,” Renfield grinned.


“Can you do a Johnny Depp impersonation?” Amadeus asked out of curiosity.


“No, I can’t,” Renfield tried talking like Captain Jack Sparrow but failed miserably.


“I’ve heard there’s a Malaysian woman living in Germany who can do a pretty good Johnny Depp impersonation,” Amadeus broke his licorice stick into crumbs and put it on top of his popcorn.


“Really?” Renfield took a bottle out of his pocket and poured an ounce of vodka into his theatre container of Pepsi, “That can’t be true because I haven’t heard that.”


“You mean truth is dependent upon what you personally see and hear?” Amadeus asked.


“Yes,” Renfield smiled,  “I’m the ultimate existentialist philosopher.”


Renfield’s remark was greeted with total silence in the theatre (although a Zen master might have interpreted it as the sound of one hand clapping).



To be continued.

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