Maria Ho Quartet

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Maria Ho Quartet

Yesterday when I was out walking, I passed a sign in front of a Church building that said a free Jazz concert would be held at 4 PM today.

I haven’t been to a concert in the 3 years since I moved to Vancouver namely because I really couldn’t afford to go to one.

However- Free- the price was right- so I went.

There is just something about listening to live music that is so inherently wonderful.

I listen to music on the radio.

And I listen to the specialty cable channel Baroque Music on TV when I go to bed at night.

But it’s just not the same as listening to live music in person.

The Maria Ho Quartet was made up of one Jazz vocalist Maria Ho and 3 Jazz instrumentalists.

As a testimony to the power of live music when it’s well sung and well played, I’d have to say that listening to Miss Ho’s lovely singing voice and the Jazz instrumentals that accompanied it, I can say that it’s the happiest I’ve genuinely felt in 3 years of living in Vancouver.

In fact, I can say that it’s the happiest I felt in the 5 years since my dad died.

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Radio News Story From The Future About Katy Perry

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Radio News Story From The Future About Katy Perry

Tired of seeing Ukrainians demonstrating in the streets of Kiev on BBC World News on TV, Renfield decided to go down to the Set Enterprises Lab and see if Michelangelo the genetically created psychic lobster could pick up another radio news transmission from the future on his lobster antennae.

As Renfield adjusted Michelangelo’s antennae much to the lobster’s discomfort, words came through on the computer loud speaker.

Michelangelo’s antennae were hooked up to wires on the computer which picked up the transmissions Michelangelo received.

This was the radio news story from the future that Michelangelo had picked up…

… “This just in. Tragedy has struck American singer Katy Perry on her recent African safari. While wearing a tiger’s eye necklace the singer was eaten by a lion while trying to roar at it.

The singer had spent weeks learning how to roar like a lion at a newly opened animal languages school in the South African township of Soweto.

Miss Perry had roared “I come in peace” according to her lion language teacher who accompanied her on the safari but the lion wasn’t impressed and ate her.

Nothing much is known about her lion language teacher who taught Miss Perry how to roar like a lion other than he has caused controversy in the past when he served as an interpreter for the deaf at the world leaders’ memorial service held for the late South African leader Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg.

According to a British veterinarian named Dolittle who was taking photos at the scene and claims to actually speak lion, he claimed the lion was walking around roaring “I ate a Yank and I liked it” afterwards.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday December 18th

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