Hecate and Hitler

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Hecate the Greek goddess of witchcraft

It was the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas.

Not that German National Socialist Workers Party leader Adolf Hitler paid much attention to Catholic saints.

He was more interested in worshipping the heroes and gods of the ancient Germanic/Nordic pantheon.

However last night which was Krampusnacht (Krampus Night December 5th), Krampus the half-demon half-goat had put a whole bunch of Nazis in his sack and carried them down to Hell.

It was the latest in a series of setbacks for the Nazis during this year of 1932.

Back in the April 10th 1932 run-off German Presidential election, Hitler had lost to Independent incumbent President Marshall Paul von Hindenburg.

Then in the recent November 6th 1932 German Federal Election, the Nazis saw their share of the vote fall by 4% while the Communist Party of Germany saw a slight increase.

The Nazis lost 34 seats in the Reichstag while the Communists gained 11 seats.

It looked like the Nazis’ chances of being able to form a coalition government in the Reichstag had gone down the drain.

And now Krampus had carried a whole bunch of Nazi Brownshirts down to Hell in his sack for bad boys and girls and evil doers.

What was a modern day Frederick Barbarossa and a modern day Wagnerian hero of Siegfried to do?

Hitler entered his drawing room and was shocked to see a beautiful woman sitting there:

Hecate the Greek goddess of witchcraft

“Who are you?” Hitler asked.

“I am Hecate the Greek goddess of witchcraft,” the nocturnal deity in her beautiful maiden form answered.

“What do you want?” Hitler asked.

“What would you give me if I helped make you Chancellor of Germany?” Hecate inquired.

“What do you want in return for that?” Hitler queried back.

Hecate told him.

Hecate: The Greek goddess of witchcraft
She made Hitler an offer he couldn’t refuse.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Sunday December 6th

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