The Czar’s Daughters

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The Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana Nikolaevna on the balcony of the Alexander Palace Winter 1912. In happier times before the First World War and before the Bolshevik Revolution.

A moment in time
Two young women in the prime of youth
There was no war
There was no revolution
Nicholas II’s title was
Czar of All The Russias
Two of those Russias
Were Russia and Ukraine
Kiev and Moscow were at peace
No Stalin had arisen as yet
To kill 4 million Ukrainians
In the Holodomor
A genocide that would lead to rifts
Between Russian and Ukrainian brethren

An unknown aspect of the Czar’s last year of life
Is to be found in the autobiography of
Charles Sydney Gibbes
The English language tutor
To the Czar’s five children
Gibbes lived with the family in exile
After the February and October Revolutions
Of 1917.
The Czar was also allowed to read Foreign newspapers by Lenin
And have a staff to translate them.

When Nicholas read newspapers from Portugal
He became convinced that the Virgin Mary
Mother of Jesus had indeed appeared
At the village of Fatima in Portugal
To warn of cataclysm in Russia
Which would bring cataclysm to the world

Nicholas had a dream in which the Virgin Mary appeared to him
Nicholas told Gibbes that he and his family would soon die
Nicholas wrote down the contents of the dream in an envelope
Gave it to Gibbes
And told him to give the envelope
To the archives at Oxford University
With the instructions
That the envelope only be opened on the 100th
Anniversary of the deaths of the Czar and his family

A message that would have been very popular
During the Cold War
When not many thought they’d live to see
The 100th Anniversary of the deaths of
Czar Nicholas and his family

July 17th 2018
The 100th Anniversary of the Czar’s death
Came and went
No announcement from Oxford
On the openng of the envelope
Oxford has probably forgotten it has it
As Charles Sydney Gibbes died in obscurity
In a London hospital
During a terrible March snowstorm

That last testimony of the Czar given to Gibbes
Would probably bring fear and trembling to
Globalist and Communist alike
As the Mother of the Incarnate God-Man
Revealed their evil plans for the future
To Russia’s last Czar

Malachi Martin the Jesuit priest secretary
To the late Augustin Cardinal Bea
Papal advisor to Pope John XXIII
And a man who read the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima
(That the Vatican never released in June 2000 despite their lying claims to the contrary)
Told journalist/interviewer Bernard Janzen back in the early 1990s
That the Great Chastisement/Great Cataclysm foretold by the Virgin Mary
At Fatima in 1917
Would most likely start with a war between Kiev and Russia

That time is now.
This is no mere mortal battle.
But one in which ancient gods
And all the forces of Hell
Will partake.

-A poem written by Christopher
Sunday February 27th

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Renfield On Pope Francis Refusing To Meet Mike Pompeo To Discuss China

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“Currently it’s the anarcho-Marxist thugs and hooligans of Antifa and BLM who are vandalizing Catholic churches and desecrating Catholic statues and altars in America. If the Biden-Harris ticket wins in November, it will soon be the U.S. government doing these things.”
-Renfield R. Renfield

British MP Renfield R. Renfield was having another Skype discussion with his friend Amadeus Emanon.

Renfield was reading a quote from a recent New Yok Times article, “Amy Coney Barrett should not be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court because her Catholic values conflict with intrinsic American values.”

“So,” Amadeus ate his fries and gravy, “The New York Times has at least one thing in common with the Ku Klux Klan. They’re both anti-Catholic.”

“Indeed,” Renfield nodded, “Of course the intrinsic American values to which the Communist New York Times are referring to aren’t the same values America had prior to the 1960s with its decade of revolutionary upheavals and rioting. The values the New York Times sees as “intrinsic American values” are the values of the old USSR and Maoist China. Marxists entering halls of academia and institutions of learning in positions of teaching authority en masse in the 1970s has produced generations of dumbed down citizens who drool at Marxist-Leninist ideas like Pavel’s dogs reacting to the sound of a bell. Of course the apotheosis of this are the brain-dead zombie “woke” youth who want to “cancel” anybody who disagrees with them as they walk down the street chanting their brainless mantras “No Peace Without Justice” leaving nothing but fire and destruction and many dead bodies in their wake.”

“Lenin must be pleased at the thought of America possibly turning Communist,” Amadeus mused.

“Yes, I imagine if you went down to the Vatican these days, you could probably ask Lenin’s ghost in person about that,” Renfield pointed out.

“Speaking of the Vatican,” Amadeus bit into a baloney sandwich, “I hear Pope Francis is refusing to meet U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss religious freedom in the People’s Republic of China.”

“Yes,” Renfield sipped a Tequila Sunrise, “Francis is apparently ticked off at the fact that Pompeo dared criticize him in an op-ed piece that Pompeo recently wrote in which he said that the Catholic Church is risking its “moral authority” by renewing the Vatican-China Agreement that was negotiated by the predatory homosexual Communist Theodore McCarrick when he was still a Cardinal in good standing. The agreement that sold out the underground Catholic Church in China and placed them squarely under the thumb of Beijing’s Communist government.”

“No wonder Francis refused to meet with him,” Amadeus ate a buttertart.

“Yes, the Vatican is claiming that the reason Francis isn’t meeting with Pompeo is because the Pope does not receive politicians during an election period,” Renfield noted, “Which of course is a total lie because back in 2016, Pope Francis received and met with Bernie Sanders when Sanders was still busy running in the primaries against mentally unhinged Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Democratic Party Presidential nomination that year. Of course Sanders and Pope Francis share the same far-Left socialist-Communist political ideology.”

“So Pope Francis shares the same “intrinsic American values” as The New York Times?” Amadeus poured red ketchup all over his omelette.

“That’s right,” Renfield agreed, “That’s why the Virgin Mary told the three shepherd children at Fatima in 1917 in the so-called Third Secret (whose text the Vatican has never released) that “Satan will infiltrate to the very top of the Catholic Church”. He’s certainly done that in Francis. That’s why the Devil’s leading disciples Pope Francis, The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post and Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party are all on the same page.”

Yesterday Mike Pompeo had given a speech in Rome in which he called on the Vatican to defend religious freedom in China.

Today Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Vatican Foreign Minister Archbishop Paul Gallagher read speeches (that interestingly enough had been ghost written for the two men by the ghost of Nazi Minister of Propoganda Joseph Goebbels) attacking Pompeo as the ghosts of Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse-tung stood applauding in the background.

Meanwhile in Communist China, a priest in the underground Church in China was finally allowed to return home after a month of being tortured in custody.

He did not receive a personal phone call from Pope Francis unlike El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz did when the Texas bishop bowed the knee to the Marxist and spiritist necromancy practicing organization Black Lives Matter back in June of this year.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday October 1st

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Fatima, Sodom, Mohammad bin Salman and Lady MacBeth

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Fatima, Sodom, Mohammad bin Salman and Lady MacBeth

Peter Whitstable the man they call the Fox Mulder of Interpol was standing outside the Catholic shrine at Fatima, Portugal alongside one of the commanders of the Portuguese National Republican Guard.

Several soldiers belonging to the guard (who had been guarding the shrine against Catholic pilgrims wanting to attend the site to mark the 103rd anniversary of the 1st appearance of the Virgin Mary to 3 shepherd children at the location) had died at their posts after their face masks had suffocated them to death.

The deaths by suffocation had occurred after a mermaid riding a fire breathing black horse had rode by each man.

“Each one of the dead men had text messaged their friends about being visited in their beds in the middle of the night by a mysterious beautiful woman,” the Commander explained, “Whitstable, do you have any idea who this woman is?”.

“Well, I doubt very much it was Nancy Pelosi or any of her supporters,” Whitstable answered.

. . .

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was wrestling with the fact that his desert kingdom was now facing bankruptcy.

He now held in his hands the report from his country’s Finance Minister about the state of the situation.

How could this happen to him, a devoted servant of Allah who had been waging and financing a genocidal civil war against the Houthi peoples of Yemen for the past 5 years?

He who had served up pieces of dissident Saudi journalists as appetizers to Dr. Hannibal Lecter wannabes?

Only months ago, he had tried to wreck both the Russian oil industry and the U.S. shale oil industry by ramping up production of Saudi oil and driving the price down to below zero dollars a barrel .

Now that decision had turned around to bite him in the ass.

Well it was actually New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson (who had recently been taught astral projection by the demon Baphomet) who was sodomizing him in the rear end.

Johnson who had been astral flying over a road that went down from Jerusalem to Jericho remarked contemptuously “Samaritan’s Purse!” when he saw a man being carried on the back of a donkey and helped by a kind stranger after the man had fallen among thieves.

The act reminded Johnson of that organization headed by Rev. Franklin Graham who was a kind humanitarian and not an abominable sexual pervert.

Fortunately for Johnson, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (on the advice of both King Herod’s ghost and New York State’s powerful Sodom and Gomorrah lobby) were going to tax Samaritan’s Purse medical volunteers even though they worked for nothing running a field hospital emergency tent in NYC during the height of the Covid-19 crisis.

As Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was being sodomized by Johnson’s “astral body”, he reflected among his many other troubles that even his royal personal spirit guide the ghost of Lady MacBeth had left him.

. . .

Pope Francis shrieked when he saw the ghost of Lady MacBeth standing before him in his papal bedroom.

“What’s a woman doing in my bedroom?” He bellowed as he called out to his papal puffter personal aide and secretary.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday May 13th

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Hillary, Russia and Our Lady of Fatima

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Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster was getting another transmission from the future on his lobster antennae.

Renfield R. Renfield watched the transmission appear on his computer screen.

In the transmission, Hillary Clinton was giving a speech and she was quoting the message of Fatima.

Said Hillary, “The Virgin Mary told the three shepherd children at Fatima that Russia would spread its errors throughout the world. And of course the biggest of Russia’s errors spreading throughout the world was me not becoming President of the United States.”

“Good God,” the atheistic Renfield gasped, “Now I’ve seen and heard everything.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday December 21st

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King Solomon’s Treasure

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King Solomon’s Treasure

The Mossad agent they called the Controller of The Golem was going to the site of an Israeli archaeological dig.

Normally an archaeological dig wasn’t considered a matter of Israeli national security but this was an exception namely because of what was found and where the dig was clandestinely taking place at a very politically and religiously sensitive site.

The discovery itself had been made in a deep subterranean cavern at the site on June 6th of last year at the ungodly hour of 6 AM.

News of the find had still not been made public for obvious reasons.

Aside from those working on the dig (who had been sworn to secrecy), very few in Israel actually knew of the find.

The President of Israel and the Prime Minister of Israel knew of the find.

Most of the Israeli cabinet itself did not.

Most of those in government did not know of the find.

Most of those in the Israeli Army did not know of the find.

Most of those in the Israeli intelligence community did not.

The Controller of The Golem himself did not know of it until New Year’s Day this year.

He was assigned to check it out and oversee the final cataloging of the items that were found.

. . .

The subterranean cavern itself was large and spacious.

It would have to be.

Considering what it contained.

“So as you can see,” the team’s head archaeologist Dr. Samuel Reubenstein told the Controller of the Golem, “modern biblical scholarship which had maintained that the claim ‘he was the richest man who had ever lived’ was just an exaggeration and a myth will itself have to be rewritten.”

“How much would you say all this stuff is worth?” The Controller of the Golem asked as he looked at the huge quantity of valuables that quite literally went on for miles and miles in the long extensive cavern.

“At today’s market value,” Dr. Reubenstein replied, “Trillions and trillions and trillions. Would definitely make Bill Gates look like a pauper by comparison at any rate.”

The Controller of The Golem shook his head in disbelief at what he was seeing…

… King Solomon’s treasures.

. . .

As Pope Francis prayed in the chapel, he was haunted by a thought which had entered his mind yesterday and seemed to linger there ever since.

Had the Consecration of Russia been properly done like what was requested by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima in 1917?

The world had been consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart several times but never Russia specifically by name.

Mary had told Sister Lucy (the only one of the 3 shepherd children at Fatima who had lived on into adulthood) that the Consecration would eventually be done but that it would be late.

What, Francis wondered, did She mean by late?

What would have happened that would cause one to think it had been done late?

How late?

Too late?

. . .

Russian President Vladimir Putin sat in his office in the Kremlin at night.

It was late.

He looked at the old clock ticking on the wall.

Very late.

He looked outside the window of his Kremlin office and took in the night sky over Moscow with its intense darkness.

Too late.

The Russian President rubbed his eyes and looked at the document in front of him.

The document that told the state of the Russian economy as it truly was.

It was even worse than what the government had admitted in public through the media.

Western sanctions.

And the drastic fall in oil prices.

Together the two had dealt a crippling blow to the Russian economy from which the country might not recover for a very very long time.

And what would this do to his place in history?

That he would not be recognized as the truly great leader that Vladimir Putin knew in his heart that he truly was?

Putin took another document from his folder.

This one from a sleeper agent.

Russia had had sleeper agents in various countries throughout the world for a very very long time now.

Since the days of Lenin and Stalin and the old Soviet Union.

This document was from a long-time sleeper agent in the State of Israel.

One who had worked his way up to a position of very great trust and high responsibility within the Israeli state.

With access to all of Israel’s deepest and darkest secrets.

The Russian President looked at the photos in the document.

And seethed with jealousy at the items he saw that had been found in this unpublicized Israeli archaeological dig.

Putin felt extremely covetous at what he saw.

The words of Britain’s great World War II statesmen Sir Winston Churchill went through his mind, “Desperate times require desperate measures.”

He walked over to another desk while still holding the document with the photos and remained oblivious to the fact that the beautifully arranged lilies of the field flowers in pots on this desk had died due to the fact he had never bothered to water them.

Lilies of the field of whom a Man a long long time ago had said, “I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

. . .

Ripped pages of an old Bible (that had been given intact to a homeless man by a western missionary) blew along the streets of Moscow.

The man had used the pages of the Bible to make himself a fire.

Some of the ripped pages had blown away in a sudden wind and were being carried through the streets of the Russian capital.

A scrap of paper bearing part of a verse from Ezekiel Chapter 38 verse 13 blew against the window of Putin’s Kremlin office as he gazed down on the world in eaglesque fashion like a Roman Emperor of old.

The Russian leader was oblivious to the scrap of paper that was held by the wind against the window for a minute.

The words on the scrap of paper that read, “Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?”.

The Russian leader then clenched his fists as his mind came to a firm and resolute decision on the matter.

The scrap of paper was then blown away by the wind in a southernly direction.

As if it was a tiny foreshadowing of a great tempest to come.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday February 13th

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Vampiress Isis Throws Temper Tantrum

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Vampiress Isis Throws Temper Tantrum

The Paris-based Egyptian vampiress Isis (sister and sister-in-law to the London based billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set) was having a temper tantrum when she heard the news that Pope Francis was going to consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this coming October 13th. To add insult to injury, the famous Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima would be in Rome on the dates October 12th to 13th on hand for the Consecration.

Isis’ English butler and valet Cedarman tried to console his mistress but she threw a spiked stiletto high-heeled shoe at him.

“Well there goes an old Christmas gift given to my lady from former Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos,” Cedarman thought to himself.

“Why?  Why?  Why?”  Isis sobbed causing her ancient Egyptian mascara to flow down both cheeks in a seeming parting of a blue sea as opposed to a Red Sea,  “is Pope Francis consecrating the world to Mary instead of to me?  I’m the Queen of the Cosmos… not that… that… that… that virgin.”  She spat out the word  putting a nasty stain on her 50,000 euro handmade Persian carpet.

“Well,” Cedarman soothed, “according to a certain variety of Fundamentalist Protestant, you and the Virgin Mary are one and the same, the Pope is the Antichrist and the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.”

“I don’t care what those idiots think,” Isis bit her vampiric fangs down on her lip causing her lips to bleed adding further stains to her 50,000 Euro Persian carpet, “I am not the same as the Mother of Jesus.  She is called the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Blessed Mother.”

Isis threw her other Imelda Marcos given spiked stiletto high heeled shoe at Cedarman.

“She prophesied to her cousin Elizabeth that behold from henceforth, all generations would call her blessed,” Isis shrieked,  “if she’s blessed, what does that make me?”.

“Shoeless perhaps?” Cedarman held up one of Imelda Marcos’ gifts that had been thrown at him.

The lovely, shapely and highly attractive vampiress took off her lavender coloured evening dress and tried to strangle Cedarman with it.

Peering at the spectacle through his high-powered binoculars, the Paris police detective (who had been ordered by his superiors to watch the vampiress’ apartment the past few nights)  started to hyperventilate with excitement.

As Saddam Hussein’s ghost observed and commented, it was the mother of all climaxes.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
 written by Christopher
 Friday August 16th

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The Beautiful Lady vs. The Demonic Monster of Samhain

May 13, 2011 at 10:29 pm (Vampire novel) (, , )

Amadeus Emanon was in a small second-hand shop and antique store in London.

He saw a small statue of a beautiful Lady and decided to buy it when he noticed the price was only 5 pounds.

* * *

Later Amadeus dropped by the Set Enterprises Laboratory where Dr. Cadbury Rocher was trying to revive the body of a strange creature that an Irish archaeological team had found in an Irish bog.

When an Irish archaeologist specializing in Celtic folklore suggested the body was of an ancient monster who was worshipped on the Celtic Feast Day of Samhain, Set arranged to have the body stolen and revived as the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set figured he needed all the supernatural allies he could get in the coming war against Isis and also Osiris when the latter returned to Earth in 2012.

As the electrical charge went through the strange white furry looking monster’s body, it rose up.

It came to the laboratory window.

When it saw the statue of the beautiful Lady that Amadeus bought, it let out a fierce cry and disintegrated much to Dr. Cadbury Rocher’s dismay.

* * *

The statue that Amadeus had purchased was one of Our Lady of Fatima.

Coincidentally the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima was today May 13th- marking the 94th anniversary of the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus in the tiny Portuguese village of Fatima back on May 13th, 1917.

This particular statue of Our Lady of Fatima that Amadeus had purchased had been personally blessed by Pope John Paul II back in the year 2000.

When the statue’s owner a woman in her 70s had died two years ago, her son an ardent admirer of British militant atheist Richard Dawkins had sold it to the antique shop where Amadeus later purchased it.

And so the statue that showed Our Lady crushing the head of a serpent had crushed another serpent- one in the Set Enterprises Lab- a demonic monster that Set had hoped to revive.

To be continued.

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