Zenobia and The San Nicola

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Zenobia and The San Nicola

The captain of the Spanish ship San Nicola was sailing ⛵️ his vessel just off the Mediterranean coast of Syria 🇸🇾 near the port city of Lattakia.

He expected he would soon be seeing the giant sized statue of Queen Zenobia that was seated on a giant throne on a rock in the middle of the sea off that coast.

Zenobia was a 3rd century Queen of the Syria based Palmyrene Empire.

The capital of her Empire was at Palmyra (where in this decade the ISIS Islamic Sate once had control of the city and blew up various statues and temple walls in the city).

Zenobia was born in 240 AD at Palmyra.

She married Odaenathus the king of Palmyra in 260 AD.

When her husband was assassinated in 267 AD, she became the Queen Regent of Palmyra for her son Vaballathus.

In 270 AD, Zenobia launched an invasion of neighbouring lands that culminated with the annexation of Egypt.

When the Roman Emperor Aurelian moved against her in 272 AD, Zenobia declared her son Emperor and gave herself the title of Empress.

The Romans were eventually victorious in their war against her.

After Palmyra was captured by Aurelian, Zenobia was taken back to Rome where she spent the remainder of her life.

She died circa 274 AD.

As Captain Hernandez of the San Nicola approached the rock with the statue, he noticed the statue suddenly start to crumble in front of his eyes.

As the marble around Zenobia’s image crumbled, a giant flesh and blood beautiful woman (bearing the features of the statue) arose from her marble throne and walked through the water in the direction of land.

Captain Hernandez decided he needed a drink.

If he was going to start seeing things, then perhaps it would be best if he were not sober.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday December 7th

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Solomon and The Temple of Baal At Palmyra

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Solomon and The Temple of Baal At Palmyra

“And Solomon built Tadmor in the wilderness, and all the store cities, which he built in Hamath.”

-II Chronicles 8:4

“When he (Solomon) had therefore built this city, and encompassed it with very strong walls, he gave it the name Tadmor; and that is the name it is still called by at this day among the Syrians; but the Greeks name it Palmyra.”

-Josephus, Antiquities of The Jews Book VIII, 6:1

“Palmyra was in ancient times an important city of central Syria, located in an oasis 215 kilometers northeast of Damascus and 120 kilometers southwest of the Euphrates. It has long been a vital caravan city for travelers crossing the Syrian desert and was known as the Bride of the Desert. The Greek name for the city Palmyra is a translation of its original Aramaic name Tadmor which means “palm tree”. Tadmor is today the name of a small city next to the ancient ruins of Palmyra and is heavily dependent on tourism. The ancient site of Palmyra is itself an UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

-Tourist Brochure About Palmyra, Syria prior to the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in 2011.

King Solomon stood and surveyed the city that he was building- the city of Tadmor (the city that would later be called by the Greeks Palmyra).

Night was approaching.

A full moon was rising.

A beautiful dark-haired dark skinned and dark eyed woman approached him.

She was wearing a beautiful purple evening dress- slit at the sides and low-cut at the front.

A necklace of diamonds cut in the shape and form of human skulls hung around her neck.

“Thou art Solomon the wisest of the wise?” She asked as she stood before him.

“I am,” Solomon answered.

“I am Allatallahbel the Priestess of Baal,” she curtsied in front of him making sure he caught a glimpse of her ample and succulent breasts.

“What can I do for you, Allatallahbel?” Solomon shifted uncomfortably in his robes.

“I wish you to build in this city a temple to Baal that’s as splendid as your Temple to your god Yahweh in your city of Jerusalem,” she answered.

“Well,” he answered, “why should I do that?”.

“This night, I shall give you six hundred and sixty-six good reasons why you should do that,” she approached and rubbed her thigh against his.

“Six hundred and sixty-six eh?” Solomon breathed deeply, “that’s a lot of reasons.”

The next morning after Allatallahbel had given Solomon her 666 reasons, she stroked his head in her arms, “Art thou convinced?”.

“I am,” Solomon had to agree.

“Any other woman give you so many reasons to do something?” Allatallahbel laughed.

“One,” Solomon answered.

“Really?” Allatallahbel became jealous, “who?”.

“Her name was Isis,” Solomon recalled, “she was the wife of the architect Hiram Abiff who helped build my Temple.”

(For more on Isis and who Hiram Abiff really was, please read:




“I see,” Allatallahbel stared angrily at the morning sunrise.

“Art thou angry?” Solomon kissed her on the lips, “let me show you my master mason’s tool again. That should make you happy.”

“You say her name is Isis?” Allatallahbel ate some lobster which she gave to Solomon and he likewise did eat even though it was forbidden him as an Israelite to do so.

“Yes,” Solomon nodded.

After she had eaten the lobster meat, Allatallahbel stood and showed her magnificent nude form and then spake and prophesied, “This magnificent Temple to Baal that you shall build in this city, o Solomon, one day replicas to it shall be built in cities all over the world and then Baal shall come.”

“Really?” Solomon rubbed what he felt was an itchy invisible third eye in his forehead.

“Yes, and it will all be due to…” Allatallahbel laughed.

“Due to who?” Solomon asked.

“Due to ISIS,” Allatallahbel laughed like the demons of Hell, “Thou evil woman, who darest to trespass on what should have been mine, thy name shall be as mud and darkened and vilified.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday April 18th

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Qonzilqointec and The Coming Storms of Baalshamin

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Qonzilqointec and The Coming Storms of Baalshamin

The Aztec vampire princess Qonzilqointec was in her Mexico City penthouse apartment examining printed documents of emails that she had received.

She was wearing a white blouse and long black skirt as she sat at her desk.

She was reading an email sent to her from a researcher she had hired to do research for her at the Vatican Archives.

The researcher had come across a document written by a 4th Century Assyrian Catholic priest.

In the document, the priest recounted a legend told to him by the townspeople of the city of Palmyra.

According to the legend, Saint Michael the Archangel was having a fierce battle with the demons Baalshamin, Aglibol and Malakbel in the vicinity of Palmyra in the year 17 of Our Lord.

When he had vanquished the demons, he bound them within image statues on a carved relief within the Temple of Baalshamin in the City of Palmyra.

Said Michael, “Thou art now bound and imprisoned within the very images of yourselves that you command people to worship.”

Qonzilqointec looked over at a newspaper headline on how the ISIS Islamic State had just blown up the Temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra.

The Aztec vampire princess then tapped into her friend Renfield R. Renfield’s hacked feed of ISIS video broadcasts that the shapeshifting hamster/human Chief of Security and Intelligence Gathering for the London based billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set used to keep tabs on the militant Islamist terrorist group.

As she watched the Temple being blown up on her computer screen, the explosion was soon followed by a huge desert sandstorm blowing across the sands of the desert outside Palmyra.

In an apartment below her, a tenant watched an episode of that old James Cameron produced TV show Dark Angel.

Within her own living room, the TV was tuned to a documentary on the Presidency of George W. Bush the architect of the Iraq War.

As Qonzilqointec watched the huge desert sandstorm flowing from the explosive blasts of the Temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra, the words of U.S. President #43 George W. Bush from his 1st inaugural speech echoed through the living room, “Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?”.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday August 24th

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Palmyra: A Poem

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Palmyra: A Poem

Once known as the Pearl of the Desert
it has now become a pearl of great price
and that price is blood.

Its name Palmyra means City of Palms
after those lovely beautiful trees that provide food, sustenance and shade to humanity
now palms covered in blood
raise their fists in fury
fists carrying 5 Fingers of Death.

Palmyra was an oasis 130 miles north-east of Damascus
now no longer an oasis of life
but a citadel of death.

The sands of the desert turn red with blood
and the blue of the sky
retreats to the darkness of night
The greenery that once was Palmyra
overshadowed by the blackness of hate.

-A poem written by Christopher
Monday August 24th 2015.

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