Silent Stones: A Poem

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Silent Stones: A Poem

Silent stones stand on silent hills
pointing towards the sky
Like giant arms beckoning from the ground
to embrace love, life and dreams that fly

What giant put these great slabs here that stand upright
a lonely monument that marks solstice and equinox
the passing of the seasons
the passing of time
The circle of life
summarized in this circle of stones
Spring blossoms and beguiles
childhood opens like petals on a rose
Summer sun and the tide is high
Oh the folly of wild youth-
the days were hot
and the nights were hotter
and we burn by day
and dance by night-
and then-
an autumn chill is in the air
we wrap the blankets tightly around ourselves
we see the leaves change colour on the trees
and our eyes bask in that beauteous gold that mark autumn sunsets
The harvest is finally coming home-
The harvest is coming home-

The seeds we planted in spring
and tended to or did not tend to in summer-
that harvest is coming home.

Snow on the ground-
landscape and sky both white-
and so is the colour of the hair that reflects in the mirror
Slowness of movement dogs our steps
and soon all movement ceases-
Then under ground
and under slabs of stone we go.

Perhaps those silent stones on silent hills
mark the burial place of some giant who in ancient times also had his day in the sun-
and now his day- like all days- is finally finally done

Silent stones on silent hills
that mark the movement of moon and sun
We think we’ve all just begun
and before we know it-
it’s all finally done.

-A poem written by Christopher
Wednesday April 29th

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