The Teddy Bear Called Pollygo: A Poem

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The Teddy Bear Called Pollygo

There was once a teddy bear called Pollygo
how he got his name? does anyone know?

I know, said the professor with specs on his nose
as he admired the spiral galaxy patterns on his toes,
he put down his nail polish and adjusted his tie,
wiped his glasses as a tear drop fell from his eye.

‘Twas not so long ago, the professor said,
as little Stanislaus lay in his bed,
his aunt entered his bedroom through the door
and put a teddy bear by the bed on the floor.

The aunt smiled and said, That’s a gift for you, little Stanislaus
for helping us to milk the family cow.

She left the room and closed the door
and Stanislaus looked at the teddy bear on the floor.

But alas! Polly the parrot
He could not bear it
this little teddy on the floor
competition for his little amour.

So Polly shouted, Teddy looks stupid! Teddy looks stupid!
Then flew over and sat on the statue of Cupid.

Furious Stanislaus shouted, Polly go!
And the parrot scattered like a buckshot ridden crow.

And from that day onward the teddy bear was known as Pollygo
so now follow the story as along I go.
The Professor continued his tale
as outside his living room window jumped up a whale
for the professor had a beach front home
and his windows were cleaned daily by sparkling sea foam.

Now when Stanislaus grew up and joined the Army
and ended up perishing in Lake Killarney
Pollygo came to live with me
he was my constant companion for tea
even though not a single drop ever passed his lips
All the while I was taking constant sips
So possibly a tea toddler he was not
but not even a whiskey seemed to hit the spot

It seemed that neither food nor drink he would touch
and as for physical exercise- he did not much.

So Pollygo sits there up on the shelf
looking the part of a wee furry elf.

But his exploits are many
and my thoughts for a penny
Someday I will tell you them all
But meantime I’m late for the town’s costume ball.

-A Narrative Poem
About Pollygo The Teddy Bear
written by Christopher
Friday May 22nd

Stay tuned to this blog for more poems about the exciting exploits of Pollygo the Teddy Bear.

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