Haunting Visions and The Black Hand In The Garden

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Haunting Visions and The Black Hand In The Garden

The retired elderly priest sat at his desk reading a copy of Saint Augustine’s major work The City of God.

Feeling a bit drowsy, he took off his glasses and put them on his desk.

He went over to his arm chair to rest.

He fell asleep.

He dreamed he was standing in Saint Peter’s Square amongst a group of religious pilgrims.

They were waiting for the Pope to appear at the Vatican window to give his blessing.

Suddenly black darkened skies appeared over the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Huge raindrops the colour of blood fell from the sky.

The blood red rain drops fell on to the square turning it into a flowing river of blood.

People screamed and started to run.

The rain suddenly stopped and a peculiar rainbow that continued to drip blood appeared over the dome of the Basilica.

People turned into pillars of salt as they stood and gazed at the rainbow.

The retired elderly priest was knocked to the ground by a Middle Eastern looking man who shouted “Allah Akbar!”.

Loud speakers in the square suddenly started playing the voice of Barack Obama saying, “The United States strongly condemns these attacks. However we also strongly say that none of this would have happened had the world strongly listened to what the United States government dictated which is that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must go in any and all circumstances without any discussion or questioning of U.S. State Department communiques and my own Executive Orders. The Syrian people and the Syrian people alone should decide who their leaders should be. And bearing that in mind, we say and we insist that Bashar Assad should go without any more questioning or discussion and he has no more part to play whatsoever in Syria’s future. So our Imperial wisdom hath decreed.”

An earthquake suddenly shook the City of Rome and the Basilica was destroyed.

The retired elderly priest suddenly awoke with a start.

He suddenly heard a tapping at his door.

He got up from his armchair and went over to the door to answer it.

He opened the door and looked around.

No one there.

He was about to shut the door when suddenly he noticed a severed charcoal burnt Black Hand crawling through the garden.

Grabbing his Breviary and his rosary, the retired elderly priest walked out to the garden and said the Saint Michael Prayer as well as a prayer of Exorcism.

He looked around.

The Black Hand was gone.

Still the elderly priest could not shake off the feeling that the Black Hand would be back bringing war and death in its wake.

Making the Sign of the Cross, the retired elderly priest – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI- left the grounds of the Vatican Garden and returned to his living quarters and shut the door.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday November 26th

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Isis In Rome

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Isis In Rome

The ancient Egyptian Vampiress Isis sat on top of the obelisk in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome wearing a red blouse, short black leather skirt, black silk pantyhose and super spiked black stiletto high-heeled shoes.

She checked her prototype Apple iWatch (given her as a gift from the CEO of Apple ahead of next year’s release date for the general public) and read on her News ticker that the Aztec vampire princess Qonzilqointec’s plane had arrived safely in Mexico City on its way back from London, England.


She’d have to hire a better bomb maker next time.

In the distance, she noted a giant vampire bat entering one of the apartment windows of the Vatican.

“The fun and games look like they’re about to start now,” the Egyptian Vampiress thought to herself.

Isis stood atop the point of the obelisk and balanced herself on her right super spiked stiletto high-heeled shoe and then turned into a giant vampire bat herself and flew in the direction of the same Vatican apartment.

. . .

Cardinal JM was in the dining room of his apartment entertaining the deputy Russian Ambassador to Italy.

His openly gay secretary Father Oliver Thomas Wardenclyffe was in his own bedroom in an adjacent apartment entertaining an episcopal member of the Synod of Bishops on The Family and getting him to change his mind on the nature of homosexual relationships.

Father Wardenclyffe was doing an excellent impersonation of Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise as he was boldly going where no man had gone before.

Cardinal JM was entertaining the deputy Russian Ambassador to Italy with a lavish dinner because the Cardinal had been asked by Pope Francis to engage in diplomatic talks between officials of Russia and Ukraine to see if a permanent peace deal could not be reached in the current civil war in eastern Ukraine.

Cardinal JM was going to his study to reach for an old book he had on The History of the Crimean War 1853-1856 in order to quote to the deputy Russian Ambassador from it.

In order to reach his study, he’d have to pass through the bedroom of his apartment first.

As he walked through his bedroom, he noticed standing there was the ancient Babylonian Vampiress Ishtar wearing a red silk lace lingerie nightgown.

Ishtar grabbed him with her long red painted fingernails and threw him on top of his bed, ripped off his Cardinal’s robes and made love to him.

Meanwhile back in the dining room of the Cardinal’s apartment, the deputy Russian Ambassador to Italy was helping himself to some more scalloped potatoes and seafood lasagna when suddenly a rustling came through the curtains of the dining room.

Standing there was the Egyptian Vampiress Isis in her red blouse, black leather mini skirt, black silk pantyhose and black super spiked stiletto high- heeled shoes.

The deputy Russian Ambassador to Italy hadn’t felt such a ping since he had once taken two Viagara tablets by mistake instead of two Aspirins just before bedtime.

The Vampiress Isis used her black silk nylon clad left leg to clear the food, dishes and cutlery off the dining room table.

She then grabbed the deputy Russian Ambassador by his neck with her own long nocturnal black painted fingernails and threw him on top of the dining room table and then bit his neck and drained his body of blood.

As he struggled, the deputy Russian Ambassador pushed a secret button on the side of Cardinal JM’s dining room table.

The button was Cardinal JM’s way of dealing with annoying dinner guests.

As the Cardinal put on a pair of totally dark goggles, he’d push the button and a surprise on a string came down from a secret hole in the ceiling and dangled in front of the annoying guest or guests.

For the Cardinal who was a collector of Classical Greek antiquities had the real Medusa the Gorgon’s Head in his collection.

It was the Head dangling on the string that was the surprise for the Cardinal’s annoying dinner guests.

After the deputy Russian Ambassador to Italy had pushed the secret button and the Cardinal’s Surprise came down from the ceiling, the Vampiress Isis proved the falsity of that saying, “You can’t squeeze blood from a stone.”

– To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday October 13th

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