Halloween Trick For All Time

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Halloween Trick For All Time




It was the night of Halloween

there stood the Pirate Queen

on the deck of a ship of ghosts

where heads decorated the masting posts.




The ship’s captain was a vampire

lust for blood was his desire.

Into port they sailed

as whalers wailed

for no whale was in sight

here on this night of fright.



The ghostly crew leapt on to shore

in search of mere mortals galore

but the sights they encountered on the streets

caused their undead hearts to skip some beats.



For there were ghosts and ghouls

princes,  jesters and fools

all were out walking

and zombies were talking

the werewolves were mocking

a vampiress’ stocking

for it was hole- y unholy pantyhose

“This town is undead,” the saying arose.




The ghostly crew returned to their ship

carrying their gold and not leaving a tip.

For there was no service in this town

not a mere mortal was around.



For the ship of ghosts it was Fate’s trick sublime

they had landed at the wrong time

for tonight mortals had dressed up as ghouls

turning the ship of ghosts into the ship of fools

for they had landed at Halloween

now on deck weeps the Pirate Queen.





-A Halloween poem

  written by Christopher

  Thursday October 31st


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