Renfield and Amadeus Go Swimming

September 28, 2013 at 4:56 pm (Humour, Vampire novel) (, , , , )

Renfield and Amadeus Go Swimming




-A vampire novel chapter

 written by Christopher

 Saturday September 28th 2013






Renfield and Amadeus had been given a day off work by their boss the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set.


They decided to spend it inside an indoor Olympic sized swimming pool in London.


As they entered the pool, Amadeus asked Renfield, “What style of swim do you think I should try first?”.


“The back stroke,” Renfield suggested.


Amadeus swam to the far end of the pool doing the back stroke.


Then he swam back to where Renfield was- likewise doing the back stroke.


“Now,” Renfield asked Amadeus, “what style of swim do you think I should try first?”.


“The breast stroke,” Amadeus suggested.


“I was thinking the same thing myself,” Renfield smiled as he looked around the pool.


Renfield swam out to the middle of the pool.


Then he swam over to where a pair of bikini clad beautiful women were treading water.


Suddenly one of the women screamed.


Seconds later she slapped Renfield’s face.


Renfield swam back to Amadeus.


“That breast stroke didn’t work out so well,” Renfield informed Amadeus.



To be continued.

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