Preparations For War

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Preparations For War

The Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 had preceded the Nazi invasion of Poland and the outbreak of the Second World War.

In some ways, it served as a prelude to it.

The Spanish Republican side was supported by the Soviet Union, the Communist International and Mexico’s far left revolutionary government of the day.

The Spanish Nationalists were supported by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

So Spain served as a backdrop for great foreign powers to conduct their proxy wars.

Far longer and bloodier than the Spanish Civil War has been the Syrian Civil War (from 2011 until the present) in which great foreign powers have likewise fought their proxy wars.

Saudi Arabia has backed Sunni Muslim militias against the Damascus led government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (which is supported by the government of Shiite Iran- Saudi Arabia’s arch enemy).

The U.S. supported the Kurds against the Islamist terrorist based Islamic State.

The victorious Kurds in parts of Syria now find themselves under attack by Turkish forces since the Kurds are seen as a threat to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s desire to revive the Ottoman Empire with himself as Sultan.

Russia meanwhile is backing its ally Bashar al-Assad against any and all comers who would remove Assad from power.

The Lebanese Hezbollah movement (a Shiite ally of Iran) supports Assad.

Israel is now becoming involved in the Syrian conflict because it sees its arch enemy Iran as using a victorious Assad led Syria as a launching pad to attack Israel.

So the Syrian people now find themselves being used as quite literally sacrificial pawns in proxy wars fought between outside great powers.

It was upon this landscape of blood that ancient vampiress and medieval vampire now surveyed with their eyes.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday February 21st

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Haiku About Syria

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Haiku About Syria

Syria bleeds orphans
widows and death from its pores
world powers want more

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Magog In Egypt

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British Labour MP (and Welsh werewolf)  Magog Rhys Petley’s peace mission to Syria last month was a total failure.


Syrian President Bashar Assad refused to meet him saying, “I don’t talk to werewolves.”


Leaders of the Syrian Opposition refused to meet him citing severe allergies to wolf hairs.


So Magog chose to holiday in Egypt just as anti-Morsi protests erupted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.


Then when the Army ousted the Islamist President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi this past Wednesday, he had to endure militant pro-Morsi protests.

So he stopped drinking buttermilk (the only known antidote to his particular lycanthropy condition) because he discovered that when he turned into a werewolf, most people tended to get out of his way.


Now he was standing in front of the Sphinx pondering its riddle.


He took out a Caramilk bar and ate it.


In another 24 hours, he’d be visiting Bethlehem in the West Bank opening up a new maternity ward in a hospital there.


He had been invited to do so by a friend of his in the Palestinian Authority.

Magog dropped the Caramilk wrapper- coincidentally in the direction of Bethlehem.


The Welsh werewolf slouched over to pick it up.


An Irish tourist reading a book of William Butler Yeats’ poetry walked by.


To be continued.


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Syria and The Bilocating Satyr

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Pan Goatee the serial killer whom the British tabloid press dubbed the Serial Killer was doing some reflecting this evening.


Pan Goatee was genetically created by Set Enterprises’ sanity challenged scientist Dr. Cadbury Rocher.


He was a half-man half-goat hybrid.


He was lost in transport in a lorry accident on a motorway in northern England and presumed dead and his body stolen.


He was now a musician who played the pan pipes with an American rock band Nero Wilson and The Cleveland Cleavers currently strutting their stuff in London, England.


Pan had recently picked up an old Rosicrucian pamphlet in a used book store in London and tried his hand (as well as his goat’s legs) at astral projection.


He wondered if it worked.


In his first attempt, he tried transporting his astral body to Syria where he observed an Islamist rebel soldier eating the heart of a Syrian government soldier.


He then heard the story on BBC News the next day and so assumed his astral body projection attempt must have worked.


Now he was trying to astral project to Syria again.




                                              *         *         *


The group of Islamist rebels were having a feast- roasting and eating the hearts of government soldiers they had captured.


They were suddenly stunned to see a giant Eye of Horus hovering over them.


A light seemed to glisten from the Eye as they ate the government soldiers’ hearts as if the Eye itself approved.




                                           *         *         *


The non-Islamist rebel looked on in horror as he noticed the Islamist rebels eating the hearts of the government soldiers.


What he wondered did this have to do with fulfilling the will of Allah who bore the epithet The Merciful and All-Compassionate?


The non-Islamist rebel did not notice the Eye of Horus hovering above the Islamist rebels as he was an individual who truly loved God and his fellow man.


And therefore he was spared from seeing the Evil Eye.



                                             *          *         *



To be continued.

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Bashar Assad and The 13th Year

June 10, 2013 at 8:55 am (Geopolitics and International Relations, Vampire novel) (, , , )

Bashar Assad reflected that he never wanted to be President of Syria.


He wanted to be a physician.


He had studied ophthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital in London, England.


It was only in 1994 after his older brother Bassell the heir apparent to the Assad Presidential throne in Damascus was killed in a car crash that Bashar was called home to Syria to be groomed as the new heir apparent.


His father Hafez Assad had died in office 13 years ago today June 10th 2000.


Hafez Assad had ruled Syria for almost 30 years.


When Bashar Assad took over from his father, he had been looked upon as a potential reformer both at home and in the international community.


But that was all gone.


Not even the great Mediterranean Sea could wash all the blood off his hands now.


Bashar looked at the handwritten note he had received from Russian President Vladimir Putin.


He then put it down.


He took some comfort in the note.


As he looked into the distance, it seemed as if a giant eye had appeared in front of him.


Had all those ophthalmology exams he had studied many years ago finally come back to haunt him he wondered?


As he looked at the eye, he suddenly realized the eye looked like the eye of Horus that had been depicted in ancient Egyptian art millenia ago.


To be continued.


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