Bashar Assad and The 13th Year

June 10, 2013 at 8:55 am (Geopolitics and International Relations, Vampire novel) (, , , )

Bashar Assad reflected that he never wanted to be President of Syria.


He wanted to be a physician.


He had studied ophthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital in London, England.


It was only in 1994 after his older brother Bassell the heir apparent to the Assad Presidential throne in Damascus was killed in a car crash that Bashar was called home to Syria to be groomed as the new heir apparent.


His father Hafez Assad had died in office 13 years ago today June 10th 2000.


Hafez Assad had ruled Syria for almost 30 years.


When Bashar Assad took over from his father, he had been looked upon as a potential reformer both at home and in the international community.


But that was all gone.


Not even the great Mediterranean Sea could wash all the blood off his hands now.


Bashar looked at the handwritten note he had received from Russian President Vladimir Putin.


He then put it down.


He took some comfort in the note.


As he looked into the distance, it seemed as if a giant eye had appeared in front of him.


Had all those ophthalmology exams he had studied many years ago finally come back to haunt him he wondered?


As he looked at the eye, he suddenly realized the eye looked like the eye of Horus that had been depicted in ancient Egyptian art millenia ago.


To be continued.


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