Wilkie The Cat: A Poem

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Wilkie The Cat: A Poem

And so stood Wilkie the Cat
playing Cricket with a bat
And when the game had finished
He was feeling thirsty and famished

So the feline went down to the local pub
where he ordered some beer and grub
He ate, drank and went home to the tub
where he washed
his sponge squashed

He dried himself off
and said with a cough
tomorrow I dance the Tennessee Waltz
and sneezed after inhaling sea salts

For Wilkie the Cat had entered a dance contest
As far as dancers went, he thought he was the best

And so at Studio 50 x 4
like Fred Astaire he waltzed through the door
There was Mitzi looking pritzy
his dance partner for this night
after several martinis she was really quite tight

But they danced and they pranced
They really looked entranced
Doing the beautiful Tennessee waltz
as Simon Cowell ate his chocolate malts
He gave them a perfect score
and they took 1st prize out the door
where Tipsy Mitzi dropped it on the shore
Wilkie washed off the sand
and motioned to the band
And they played once more
As Simon did snore
They played the beautiful Tennessee Waltz
As in the evening breeze
Wilkie did sneeze
His whiskers dangling with sea salts

-A poem written by Christopher
Tuesday July 12th 2016.

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