Little Red Riding Hood Updated

October 28, 2011 at 10:29 pm (Humour, Poetry) (, )

Little Red Riding Hood went walking through the forest
listening on her iPod to the Hallelujah chorus
she was wearing a red short skirt
she was wanting to flirt
being a girl of 24
she walked to the Wolf’s door
She banged on the door and said “Let me in, let me in
for I feel inclined to sin, sin, sin!”
Hallelujah said the Big Bad Wolf opening the door-us
in accompaniment to the Hallelujah chorus
He noticed her red short skirt, red silk nylons and red spiked stilettos
such as was never seen before in these here forest ghettoes
My wolfie, what a big – – – – you have
she bent down and rubbed her calve
when you do that it’s even bigger
said Wolfie with a swigger
she bent down on all fours on the rug
and gave his leg a playful tug
the bigger the better she said
this playful girl dressed in red
now I want to see your bed.
she looked at the ornaments on his open door
what big knockers you have
she dropped her shawl to the floor.
Not as big as yours my dear
I feel it getting hot in here
the wolf took off his sheep sweater
she smiled sweetly the bigger the better
the tighter the sweater
do you like to play with leather?
she brought out a riding crop
and then unbuttoned her see-through top
and poor Wolfie came so quickly
his cottage floor needed a mop.

-An erotic poem written by Christopher Van Helsing
Friday evening October 28th 2011.

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