Nephilim Found and Stolen

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Dr. Marmalade Montague was sitting in the main laboratory at Set Enterprises talking to Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster.

Michelangelo, being the silent aquatic type, didn’t say much although he did occasionally type on his waterproof tablet keyboard and Montague would read the message on his smart phone.

“The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are Apostles of the Antichrist and that’s why they get along so well with Pope Francis and are setting up the Vatican Council For Inclusive Capitalism with him,” Michelangelo had written in his latest message.

“Renfield’s influence must be rubbing off on him,” Montague thought.

Montague was soon joined by the vampire archaeologist Dr. Edgar Lovecraft Ashbury who was the London-based billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set’s personal archaeologist.

When Ashbury was mortal, he had been the Oxford trained Egyptologist who had discovered Set’s tomb in Egypt back in 1918.

He had opened the tomb at exactly 11 AM Greenwich Mean Time on November 11th 1918 (the exact same minute the Great Armistice came into effect ending the Great War- the War known to History as the First World War).

Set had been buried alive by his nephew Horus after Set had exiled Horus’ father Osiris to a planet near the star Sirius through the use of a magic spell.

When Dr. Edgar Lovecraft Ashbury lay dying from a sword wound in 1936 after a swordfight in a duel (which the archaeologist/Egyptologist lost to an auditor for the British Inland Revenue Department), Set had turned him into a vampire before he succumbed to his mortal sword wound.

And thus Dr. Edgar Lovecraft Lovecraft Ashbury had become the vampire Set’s personal nocturnal nighttimes operation archaeologist.

Back in 2006, Dr. Ashbury was now telling Dr. Montague, he had discovered the perfectly preserved body of a Nephilim (one of a race of giants mentioned in the Book of Genesis Chapter 6 who were the offspring of immortal Watcher Angels and mortal human women) in Iraq.

“So, where is the Nephilim now?” Dr. Marmalade Montague asked.

“Unfortunately the body was stolen by a group of men who were working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,” Dr. Ashbury answered.

“What did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation want with the body of a Nephilim?” Dr. Montague inquired.

“They extracted DNA from the Nephilim,” the voice of British MP Renfield R. Renfield spoke up from behind Dr. Montague, “and it was that DNA along with the DNA of the infamous Australian Uncle Ernie that Gates’ researchers included as ingredients into the mRNA vaccine for the CCP Wuhan Virus (called Covid-19 by WHO).”

-A vampire novel chapter
Written by Christopher
December 12th

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Mirabella Francesca Franconia: Dressed To Kill

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Mirabella Francesca Franconia: Dressed To Kill

Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster was in his aquarium at Set Enterprises when he picked up another television news story from the future on his psychic lobster antennae.

News Announcer: Today’s top story… U.S. President Donald Trump dies from a hydroxychloroquine drug overdose.
And in another news… A mask wearing Nancy Pelosi was shot and killed by a San Francisco police officer when she walked within six feet of the front steps of a Catholic Church.
Said the policeman afterwards, “If she hadn’t been wearing a mask, I wouldn’t have shot her. I’d have recognized her as Nancy Pelosi. As it was, I thought she was a person trying to enter the church in total violation of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s emergency decrees forbidding public church services.”

The present day news was just as interesting which was currently being watched by Set Enterprises’ Dr. Cadbury Rocher.

British MP Renfield R. Renfield was filling in for the BBC News Anchorman who was currently in isolation and quarantine after visiting a brothel in Chelsea.

Said Renfield, “10,000 residents have been evacuated and forced to flee their homes in the state of Michigan after the Edenville and Sanford dams were breached due to heavy rains and flooding.
As was to be expected, Michigan’s inherently demonically possessed governor Gretchen Whitmer has told fleeing residents to continue wearing face masks and observe social distancing while evacuating.
In other news, Alan Dershowitz the lawyer who defended pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in Florida in 2008 and got him a sweetheart deal of a plea bargain is now demanding mandatory vaccinations for everybody. People who refuse he said should be subject to legal punishment and be prevented from buying or selling.
This Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Mark of the Beast system that Dershowitz is advocating is similar to the view held by self-proclaimed “Saviour of the World” Bill Gates (the computer technology billionaire who flew with Jeffrey Epstein down to Epstein’s Pedo Island on a number of occasions) who likewise is advocating mandatory vaccinations for all 7 billion people on this planet.
It makes one wonder whether Epstein wasn’t working on a mandatory vaccine on his 8000 acre Zorro Ranch down in New Mexico where he was working on a eugenics program and hoping to seed his DNA with that of young girls in an attempt to create a master race.
As for Bill Gates, he recently offered a $10 million bribe to the Nigerian House of Representatives for the passage of a compulsory coronavirus vaccine law in that country.
People of good will everywhere are no doubt longing for the day when Bill Gates is finally charged with Crimes Against Humanity and then after being found guilty is taken out and shot by firing squad.”

Meanwhile it had come to the attention of Renfield’s parliamentary Executive Assistant in Charge of Constituency Affairs Mirabella Francesca Franconia that leading members of the U.S. Democratic Party had hired a professional assassin to bump off Renfield as Renfield was exposing how the U.S. Democratic Party for the most part had turned into a Neo-Communist political movement.

Dressed to killĀ 

Mirabella Francesca Franconia was walking the streets and sidewalks of London to the B. and B. where the Democratic Party assassin was staying.

She encountered the assassin in his room where he was kneeling in front of statues of the Democratic Party’s patron demonic deities Baal and Baphomet.

She shot him dead and then called a cab to the London home of the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set where Renfield lived.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday May 20th

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