Sherrielock Holmes Off To The Mermaid Art Exhibit

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“You look wonderful, great-grandmother,” Dr. Cadbury Rocher kissed Sherrielock Holmes on the cheek.

“Thank you, Cadbury,” Sherrielock smiled at the compliment.

“Have you seen the photos of my genetically created winged horse Pegasus that I have put up on Facebook?” Dr. Cadbury Rocher proudly asked.

“How can I not help but notice when you keep posting pics every two minutes,” Sherrielock sighed, “I finally had to cut off your news feed.”

“You cut off my Facebook news feed?” Dr. Cadbury Rocher looked horrified, “Great-Grandma,how could you do that?”.

“Oh stop pouting, Cadbury,” Sherrielock commanded, “or I’ll have to give you a spanking.”

Dr. Cadbury Rocher stopped pouting.

The resident mad scientist for Set Enterprises did have quite the evil side. Of course that was to be expected working for the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set (whose claim to fame was bodily dismembering his brother Osiris) and for being a co-employee of the notorious Renfield R. Renfield (whose claim to fame was being a lecherous horny horndog as well as being a notoriously bad artist, musician, songwriter, composer of operas and musicals and symphony orchestra conductor) as well as being a co-employee of Amadeus Emanon (whose claim to fame was driving several of London’s all you can eat buffet restaurants into bankruptcy).

Dr. Cadbury Rocher’s evil side could be traced back to his great great grandfather Professor James Moriarty- yes THAT Prof. James Moriarty who was Sherlock Holmes’ arch enemy.

Prof. Moriarty had had a brief fling with a beautiful young French woman Mademoiselle Isabelle Gabrielle Rocher. When Gabrielle told the leading mathematician and criminal mastermind that she was pregnant with his child, Prof. Moriarty announced that he had left one of his suitcases back in South America on a recent trip he took there.

The mathematician and criminal mastermind hurriedly booked passage on a ship bound for South America. For some reason though, he never did return to France leaving Mademoiselle Isabelle Gabrielle Rocher to raise her son Louis as a single mother. Instead Moriarty wound up back in England where he was to later incur the enmity of Sherlock Holmes (the better known twin brother of Sherrielock Holmes).

Thus Dr. Cadbury Rocher had both Holmes and Moriarty blood running through his veins.

“So how is Pegasus doing these days?” Sherrielock asked.

“Well he’s actually having trouble learning how to fly,” Dr. Rocher confessed, “so I’ve hired a sparrow to teach him how to fly.”

“Well I suppose that’s better than hiring an ostrich to teach him how to fly,” Sherrielock quipped.

As Sherrielock and Cadbury pulled up in their limousine to The Dashwood Forrest Art Gallery, both happened to notice the Greek god Apollo (whom Dr. Cadbury Rocher had recently brought back from the dead) enter the gallery carrying his lyre.

“It looks like Apollo will be playing his lyre at the Mermaid Art Exhibit,” Cadbury stated.

“I wonder,” Sherrielock reflected, “if such divine music will bring the mermaids to life and cause them to emerge out from the canvas of their paintings.”

“Oh God, I certainly hope so,” a former DARPA employee from the southern United States remarked as he entered the gallery for the Charmaine Olivia Exhibit.

A barking otter followed the former DARPA employee into the gallery.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday January 9th

The lovely Isabelle Gabrielle Rocher abandoned by the evil Prof. James Moriarty for a lost piece of luggage in South America.

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