The Dance At Fatima

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The Dance At Fatima

Over 3500 troops from the Portuguese National Republican Guard stood guard outside Portugal’s famous Fatima Catholic Shrine to prevent any pilgrims from entering the shrine.

The troops had been dispatched there yesterday morning on the orders of the Portuguese government and would be removed after tomorrow.

The heavy handed military manoeuvre was designed to prevent pilgrims from marking the 103rd anniversary of the 1st appearance (one of 6 over the next 6 months) of the Blessed Virgin Mary to 3 shepherd children near the village of Fatima.

There was really no need for the military overreach action (save possibly in the minds of James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis followers who consider this modern form of pantheism as pure undefiled empirical climate change science).

However it was done.

And now 2 members of the Portuguese National Republican Guard guarding the shrine started a conversation with one another.

“Say, did you hear 2 minor earthquakes struck Israel yesterday morning only one hour apart from the other in different parts of the country?” One soldier remarked to the other.

“No, I didn’t hear that,” the other soldier answered.

“Then exactly one half hour between the two Israeli earthquakes, another minor earthquake struck and hit and shook Vatican City State,” the 1st soldier commented.

“Wow, that is peculiar,” the 2nd soldier remarked.

“Kind of apocalyptic when one thinks about it,” the 1st soldier bit his lip and looked down as a ghostly white translucent very small baby turtle shapeshifted into a somewhat large ghostly white translucent iguana.

“Did I ever show you my photos of the time I visited the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland last year?” The 2nd soldier inquired.

“No, you didn’t,” the 1st soldier replied.

The 2nd soldier brought out his smart phone and then in total violation of WHO social distancing guidelines showed the 1st soldier the photos.

“Who’s that a statue of?” The 1st soldier pointed.

“That’s a statue of the god Shiva in his role of Lord of the Dance (not to be confused with Irish dancer Michael Flatley’s Lord of The Dance) also known as Shiva Nataraja or Shiva the Nataraj and symbolizes Shakti or the Life Force,” the 2nd soldier explained.

The 1st soldier suddenly looked over in the direction of the outdoor chapel of the Fatima shrine.

“Say, isn’t that Shiva himself standing in the chapel?” The 1st soldier pointed.

The 2nd soldier gazed through his binoculars, “Egad! You’re right! What’s he doing here? And are immortals allowed within the premises? Or are they barred along with everyone else because of the pandemic?”.

“I have no idea,” the 1st soldier shrugged, “You better call headquarters for instructions.”

There was no answer at headquarters as they had all been struck down by food poisoning from following and preparing a recipe for spinach salad that Bryan Adams had posted on his Instagram account.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday May 12th

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Pan Goatee’s Twin Sister, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert E. Lee, The Mermaid and The Kraken: A Poem

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DARPA Contract assassiness Panty Goatee disguised as the Dragon Warrioress Crown Princess Lenora of Lemuria appearing to Edgar Allan Poe on the day of his death October 7th 1849

‘Twas the night before the Super Wolf Blood Moon
and all through the earth, strange creatures were stirring
and at the CERN Large Hadron Collidor in Switzerland
Shiva and Kali danced the Dance of Death
because of the foolishness of foolish mortals
DARPA and CERN had teamed up to send
Pan Goatee’s genetically cloned twin sister
the beautiful Panty Goatee back in time
to Baltimore Maryland on October 7th 1849
disguised as Poe’s immortal love
the Dragon Warrioress Crown Princess Lenora of Lemuria

They were sending Panty back as Lenora
On this date of January 19th 2019
on what would have been Poe’s 210th birthday
if he had been still alive or had become an immortal

So as the full moon cast a mysterious looking lunar rainbow
Down upon a cloud as snowflakes fell to Earth
Around the Swiss countryside
And Kali and Shiva danced a frozen version of Swan Lake
as the Greek god Zeus choked on the drumstick of Leda’s
duck a l’orange
and the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e laughed heartedly
while sampling the delicacy of Peking Duck sprinkled
with a little Soma lunar elixir of life
As her snow white jack rabbit hare friend ate carrots
and developed superior night vision.

Why was Panty going back in time as Lenora
to Poe on his death day?
It was a plan conceived by DARPA’S new AI robot
Built by a DARPA employee under the mentorship of Sophia
The Greco-Egyptian Gnostic goddess of wisdom
Unbeknownst to both DARPA and CERN however
the AI robot had come up with the idea
after being shortcircuited
when DARPA’s mascot Jefferey the otter
had poured a 40 ounce bottle of bourbon
down the AI’s metallic throat
because Jefferey thought the robot could use a drink.

As such both the drink and the plan
would spell doom to the best laid plans
Both should have stuck to building better mousetraps
And making plans to celebrate Robbie Burns Day
later this month.

Panty as Lenora approached Poe
The writer looked at her and whispered “My long lost love Lenore”
Then he whispered “Reynolds” as he saw the genetic clone
That the immortal Egyptian scientist Imhotep
had made of the writer and named “Reynolds”
Poe then croaked
and a raven outside the window wept bitter tears
As Poe would say “Lenore” nevermore.

Inside a Rome coffee shop
Abraham Lincoln’s ghost
And the ghost of Gen. Robert E. Lee
celebrated the Confederate General’s 212th birthday today
January 19th 2019
As the Egyptian god Osiris watched
Lincoln raised his cappuccino in a toast,
“Here’s to old enemies becoming friends again”.

And on a marble floor inside the Vatican was a gold ashtray
containing the gold plated figures of a mermaid and a Kraken
who were very much in love
The Kraken told his beloved mermaid,
I want this moment to last forever

His wish came true when King Midas touched them both.

-A poem and vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday January 19th

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