Michelangelo’s Vision of 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

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British MP Renfield R. Renfield was back in the U.K. again after a brief one day Dia de Los Muertos visit to Mexico City where he videotaped the Aztec vampire princess Qonzilqointec ripping out the live still beating heart of a horny sexually predatory and sexually harassing Google exec (one of many who had recently inspired a spate of Google employee strikes across the world).

Renfield then posted the video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where it went viral across the Net.

The video was the one thing Renfield did that met with the approval of the #MeTooMovement.

After watching the video, the unlamented former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein woke up screaming in the night about having a dream of open heart surgery being performed on him without the use of anesthetic.

Another consequence was that Texas cowboys and gunslingers stopped falling in love with Mexican girls in cantinas out in the West Texas town of El Paso much to singer Marty Robbins’ displeasure.

After the burning of the heart was done in front of the Aztec feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl (who because of his advanced age was starting to prefer his meat cooked well done rather than raw or rare these days), the Aztec deity (who was worshipped as Kukulkan by the Mayans) after eating the heart proceeded to sit down on a sofa with a bottle of tequila (containing inside it a worm in front of a biodegradable cardboard tombstone that had for an epitaph POE’S THE CONQUEROR WORM Conquered) in front of a television set and watched Orson Welles’ last film The Other Side of The Wind on Netflix.

Outside his Mexico City penthouse apartment, the ancient Babylonian vampiress Lilith performed one huge storm of a whirlwind as the vampire Lev Tomi (who in his mortal life had been Leon Trotsky) the head of the UN Secretariat On The Environment and Climate Change gave a speech on climate change in the city.

Meanwhile back in Qonzilqointec’s penthouse suite on the other side of the street, the Aztec vampiress made out with Canadian vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing engaging in BDSM foreplay and mystical magic tantric sex afterwards.

Renfield flew back to Britain from Mexico listening to the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour albums on his airplane headphones while eating a nice dinner of curried lamb and curried goats’ legs on Manitoba wild rice.

Back at the CERN Large Hadron Collidor tunnel in Switzerland, the Hindu destroyer and transformer god Shiva was trying to make a curried dinner out of hubris ridden CERN scientists who had just uncovered a “ghost particle” that was about to upset the equilibrium balance of the entire cosmos.

A result of all this was that scientist Stephen Hawking was turning over on his barbeque spit in Tartarus and very much regretting the fact that he had written THERE IS NO GOD in his last book.

His mother’s favourite expression “Famous Last Words” never rang so true as now.

As soon as Renfield R. Renfield walked through the front door of the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set’s colossal London mansion, his friend Amadeus Emanon informed him of a vision that Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster had had in his lobster tank at Set Enterprises laboratories.

“Michelangelo foresees widespread violence, shootings and stabbings at polling stations across America on U.S. mid-term election day,” Amadeus stated.

“I’m not surprised,” Renfield admitted, “I imagine in future U.S. elections, the UN will have to bring in observers from the Afghan Taliban and militant sectarian groups in Iraq to make sure that future American elections are conducted in a less violent and more peaceful manner.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday November 3rd

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Qonzilqointec In Madrid : A Poem

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Qonzilqointec In Madrid

The streets of Madrid
once capital of an empire
now a living museum
to a past once golden
and a future most bleak
From the balcony of an elegant hotel
a beautiful woman stood and viewed these streets
looking resplendent in a beautiful Spanish red dress
with black laced sleeves
She was the Aztec vampire princess Qonzilqointec
spiritual goddaughter of the Aztec feathered serpent deity Quetzalcoatl
come to take her vengeance on the descendants of those people who destroyed her godfather’s empire
She looked enchanting in the evening sunlight
a vampiress able to take the rays of Sol Invictus
(who generally was an Invincible Conquerer to most vampiric creatures of the night)
but thanks to a special sunblock invented for her by scientist Dr. Cadbury Rocher
she was able to see the light of dawn
as well as the dusk of twilight
and not be dispatched to the waiting shores of the River Styx
awaiting the Charon driven ferry boat of Hades
A tall blonde blue eyed man suddenly stood next to her on the balcony
and gently placed his hand on hers
She looked at him
Dracul Van Helsing
Canadian vampire hunter
who had driven a stake through the heart of many a vampire
but if you were a Vampiress
or at least a beautiful Vampiress
the stake through the heart was only metaphorical
for Dracul Van Helsing had the same effect on beautiful near-immortal vampiresses
as James Bond had on beautiful mortal women
and the result was always a meeting of arms, legs and lips in one enchantingly ocean swirling ode to Eros and Aphrodite
Said she, I thought you had dropped off the face of the Earth when the world supposedly ended December 21st 2012
No, Dracul replied as he gazed at the setting sun and gazed at her glowing face, I only laid me down and rested a while and now I’ve rose again.
Qonzilqointec smiled a smile most sensuous, I recall you doing the same thing that night we crossed the Rio Grande of Aztec and Mayan prophecy and opened the boundaries of cosmic Aphrodite.
Dracul laughed
He remembered he and Qonzilqointec had engaged in a night of passionate love making that night of December 21st 2012
Had the world really changed as a result of that enchanted evening where man and Vampiress had become one?
The lips of Qonzilqointec and Dracul Van Helsing once again touched
a cosmic kiss of sun and moonlight
on a warm Madrid night.

-A narrative free verse erotic poem
written by Christopher
Sunday July 12th 2015.

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