Ragnarok Approacheth

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“I’d like to thank all the dead voters who helped me win this election…”
-Joe Biden in a special recorded message to residents of cemeteries.

“When the Norse god of thunder accidentally hit his thumb with his hammer Mjolnir once, his thumb was mighty Thor.”
-The Norse trickster god Loki

“If you were to take all the veins and arteries in your body and line them up from end to end, you’d be dead.”
-Dr. Marmalade Montague
eccentric scientist at Set Enterprises’ laboratories, London, England

“There is a division in the world today between objective reality and a fictional narrative as presented by the mainstream media.
Despite overwhelming objective evidence of a massive electoral fraud never before seen in U.S. history, the mainstream media insist that Biden won legitimately and even proclaimed him President-elect yesterday even though the vote counts haven’t been finished yet and the recounts haven’t even begun.
Biden and Covid-19 are both holograms (artificial realities) created by global elitists to pave the way for their Great Reset New World Order.
Biden and Covid-19 will be used until such time as they have served their purpose and will then be replaced by two new holograms Covid-21 and Kamala Harris when the Great Reset finally comes into view.”
-Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano in a letter dated and released Sunday November 8th 2020.

Michelangelo the Psychic lobster noted that the Vigano letter was indeed objective reality and other statements might be attributed to a Calgary based geopolitical analyst’s fictional narrative which was much more interesting and definitely better written than the mainstream media’s fictional narrative (although the geopolitical analyst’s fictional narrative contained more kernels of truth than the mainstream Marxist media’s fictional narrative ever could).

Michelangelo went back under the water and had his breakfast.

A Haitian witch doctor (who was Hillary Clinton’s personal voodoo instructor) had been brought in last week to raise Confederate soldiers and KKK members from the dead to go to the polls and vote in favour of Joe Biden.

After all Joe Biden had been a very good friend of KKK Democratic Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia who kicked the bucket back in 2010 and Biden had given a glowing eulogy at the latter’s funeral.

Biden had made numerous racist and anti-black statements over the years including his most recent, “If you’re a black who’s going to vote for Trump, then you ain’t black enough.”

Despite being a white supremacist and associating with Klansmen, he had pledged allegiance to both Xi Jinping and the coming Great Reset New World Order.

And that was all the global elitists, the mainstream Marxist media and the Neo-Maoist social media global tech giants (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google) cared about.

The Norse god Loki had used the asshole of his son the Norse World Serpent Jormungandr to shit ballots for the Biden-Harris ticket out of his ass to use in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania as well as the states of North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona.

Suddenly a thought occurred to Loki.

In order for Jormungandr to shit Biden-Harris ballots out of his ass, he had to release his tail out of his mouth.

For Jormungandr was an ouroboros a serpent who swallowed his own tail.

Suddenly a thought hit Loki.

An old Norse prophecy said that when Jormungandr released his tail from his mouth, the Battle of Ragnarok (the Norse Apocalypse and the Norse equivalent of the Biblical Battle of Armageddon) would begin.

And he Loki would die at Ragnarok.

“Oh shit,” Loki began hitting his forehead, “Oh, what a dummy.Oh, what a dummy.”

Meanwhile Loki’s son Fenrir the great Norse wolf was happily frolicking through the snow.

Dr. Marmalade Montague of Set Enterprises was looking at a blown up slide of the genome of the Covid-19 virus after Michelangelo had brought it into clearer focus with his lobster claws.

He was shocked to see something in the genome of the Covid-19 virus that no one else had seen before.

There clearly inserted into the genome was a photographic image of the Norse wolf Fenrir frolicking in the snow.

Pope Francis was having a conversation with one of his Cardinals Samhain Cardinal Salaman.

“I wish someone would rid me of this troublesome Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano,” Francis moaned.

“Well, I think there’s been a wide supply of poisons available in the Vatican since the days of the Renaissance hasn’t there been, your Non-Holiness?” Cardinal Salaman asked.

The ghost of Lucrezia Borgia wandered through the room carrying a spectral bottle of poison while Amorous Laeticia (the pet black cat of Hecate the Greek goddess of witchcraft) hid her large saucer of Baileys Irish Cream (that she preferred to milk) in a safe place that Lucrezia wouldn’t be able to tamper with.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Sunday November 8th

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Renfield Calls For Maccabean Revolt While Supernatural Forces Prepare For 2nd American Civil War

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“Abraham Lincoln (aka Honest Abe) was elected President of the United States in November 1860 and the 1st American Civil War followed.
Joe Biden (aka Lyin’ Joe Biden) cheated his way to power through rigged votes and stuffed ballots in November 2020 and the 2nd American Civil War is about to follow.”
-Renfield R. Renfield British MP

“Evangelical Protestants in the U.S. may start regretting the fact that Protestant Reformer Martin Luther rejected the books of 1 and 2 Maccabees as being non-canonical.
For if these books were regarded as canonical and divinely inspired by God (like they are in the Greek Septuagint and the Catholic Church’s Latin Vulgate and its 1582-1610 English translation the Douay-Rheims Bible), Evangelical Protestants could ask themselves, what did the Maccabeus family do when their land and temple was taken over by a satanic idolatrous pagan religion?
They rebelled using arms.
If a certain modern satanic ideology (let’s call it Communism) happens to take over a country by say rigging the votes in 6 different states and a certain religious leader denies the existence of Hell and believes in supporting abominable lifestyles that God has condemned as ungodly, then perhaps now the time has come to rebel.”
-Renfield R. Renfield

CNN’s Anderson Cooper (who was interviewing the British MP but not live on air) was taken aback by Renfield’s remarks.

Anderson Cooper: Are you calling on those people whom Hillary Clinton wisely labelled as deplorables and whom a Bernie Sanders regional campaign manager back in January said should be guillotined (and was never permanently banned for those remarks by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube like Steve Bannon was when he suggested the same for Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI director Christopher Wray) when the Democrats take back control of the White House, are you suggesting those people take up arms and use them against the Biden-Harris Democrats?

Renfield (sipping a glass of whisky) : Yes, I am. You forgot to mention that the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle changed its name to CHOP (the Capitol Hill Organized Protest) in Seattle after an ugly looking radical feminist Marxist airheaded female with green hair held up a guillotine and called for Chop! Chop! to the heads of Evangelical Protestants and traditional Catholics in America. Whereby some budding young Lenin/Trotsky like leader among the protestors suggested the name be changed to CHOP to mark the beheading of Evangelical Protestants and traditional Catholics in the post-Covid New Normal Great Reset America.
It was rather fortunate for the ugly looking radical feminist Marxist airhead with green hair that Pan Goatee hadn’t been walking through the neighbourhood at the time or otherwise the hideous looking green haired uglo waving the guillotine would have lost her own head.

Anderson Cooper: So you’re saying the violence such as looting, burning, vandalism, and beatings, assaults and shootings (that we in the mainstream media prefer to call peaceful protests) that have been conducted by young leftists and Antifa-BLM members the past few months will not only continue but accelerate if the Biden/Harris duo take office in January?

Renfield: Yes, airheaded New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who I prefer to call Alexandria Occasional-Cortex) has already announced that she’s drawing up a White House Enemies List (the ghost of Richard M. Nixon should sue her for plagiarism and copyright violations) to deal with people who are enemies of the Biden-Harris regime. Ms. Alexandria who was born on the 72nd Anniversary of the Fatima Miracle of the Sun has gone from being a naive airhead to being a satanic witch. She’s positioning herself to become the female Louis Antoine de Saint-Just for the Neo-Jacobin Reign of Terror that will be inaugurated along with the Biden-Harris ticket next January.

Anderson Cooper: Is there anything else you’d like to add before we’ve finished this interview which most likely will never air?

Renfield: Yes, I say to the American patriots, you who have been buying guns en masse the past several months in the event of a Biden victory, now is the time to use them.
America’s moment in 2020 is like Czechoslovakia’s moment in 1948 or Spain’s in 1936.
The Czechoslovak non-Communist parties thought they could be reasonable with the Czechoslovak Communist Party.
They were wrong and Czechoslovakia went Communist for 41 years with a brief Prague Spring of 1968 that was crushed by a Soviet invasion.
Spain in 1936- its Republic was about to go Communist and most politicians (even the non-Communist ones) and almost every single Spanish General would go along with it.
Every single Spanish general was content with the Spanish Republic becoming Communist except for one.
The youngest of all the Spanish generals- a man named Francisco Franco.
So, American patriots, your moment in 2020 is a choice between being Czechoslovakian President Edvard Benes (the non-Communist President of Czechoslovakia who rolled over for the Communists allowing them to seize power) in 1948 or being the young Generalissimo Francisco Franco in 1936 waging armed warfare on the Communists and eventually beating them.”

How the Neo-Bolshevik Communists Took Power in the USA in November 2020:

Following the advice of Old Uncle Joe: Who may have been moving kind of slow at the junction but he knew the Communist train would eventually reach America.

The ghost of President Abraham Lincoln stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

On either side of him was General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant.

Both Lee and Grant had been opponents in life during the 1st American Civil War.

But now they would be united in the afterlife in a fight against a common enemy Great Reset globalist Marxist-Leninsm in the 2nd American Civil War.

Facing them at a distance across the Potomac were the ghosts of Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Turks (who conquered the Byzantine capital of Constantinople in 1453) and Antiochus IV Epiphanes the Syrian Greek king who introduced pagan idolatry into the land of Israel in the 160s BC and almost all of the Jews in Israel went along with it with the exception of the Maccabeus family.

The ghosts of Sultan Mehmed II and Syrian Greek king Antiochus IV Ephiphanes had been released from the realm of Hades at the request of Pope Francis on the off-chance many Americans would resist the Great Reset globalist Marxist-Leninism of the Biden-Harris Democrats.

“The year 2020 in the 21st Century has experienced its 1453 Fall of Constantinople equivalent moment.
November 7th 2020 will be remembered as the date.
For 231 years, the United States of America existed as a nation ever since George Washington assumed the office of President on April 30th 1789.
A nation that Abraham Lincoln fought for and managed to save in the 1860s.
Today that country the United States of America has died.
With the election of the pro-Communist Biden-Harris ticket that nation no longer exists.
America is now either on its way towards a Communist dictatorship or a 2nd American Civil War or both.
Either way, believe nothing the mainstream Marxist media in the Western world tells you and look for what the Neo-Maoist social media tech-giants (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google et al) will now censor.”

-Renfield R. Renfield MP

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Saturday November 7th

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Celebrating Ragnarok Apocalypse In Chicago

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Semiramis the Queen of Babylon calls to Dracul Van Helsing for help from inside her hotel room at the Mysterious Goddess Hotel in Chicago.

She clutched a pair of scissors that Jack the Ripper (recently appointed head of New York’s Health Care, Hospital and Medical Clinic system by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo) tried to kill her with after he had watched the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film Dial M For Murder on the hotel’s Pay TV channel.

Jack the Ripper likewise found himself caught in the vortex of time and place affecting the polar vortex in Chicago and found himself back in London on a moonlit evening in 1888.

Where suddenly he found himself peering through the keyhole of Sherlock Holmes’ room:

Suddenly the London 1888 full moon appeared over Chicago where it was promptly swallowed by the ghost of a T-Rex who came out on the losing end of the three horns of a triceratops:

After the Canadian vampire hunter had finished offering tantric sex comfort and sexual healing to Semiramis, Athena the Greek goddess of wisdom invited Dracul Van Helsing to visit her in the hotel room next door:

Come partake of my wisdom once again, Van Helsing.

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