Stone Altar To Jerusalem 3rd Temple Dedicated

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A Russian girl picks apples from the Russian Apple Tree of Death in Sevastopol, Crimea

British MP Renfield R. Renfield was in San Francisco California along with the Vietnamese vampiress Ho Babylon Minh (the immortal granddaughter of the late Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh and an intelligence operative for the Chinese Intelligence Service) in order to deliver deadly lethal poisoned apples (grown on the Russian Apple Tree of Death in Sevastopol Crimea) to Apple CEO Tim Cook in California’s Silicone Valley (not to be confused with the space between a California female porn star’s breasts) as vengeance for the U.S. government ordering the arrest of Huawei executive and Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhu in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Already several U.S. and Canadian government officials had died under mysterious circumstances since the arrest of Meng Wanzhu in the escalating trade and technology war between the U.S. and China.

Quite possibly the last of Chief Papaschase’s prophecies of three world wars were coming to pass.

Chief Papaschase was a Cree First Nations Chief who lived in both the Lesser Slave Lake and Edmonton areas of northern Alberta, Canada.

In the Edmonton Bulletin newspaper in 1906, Chief Papaschase told the editor of a vision he had of three world wars that had been given him by the Great Spirit.

The first World War would see Britian, France, Italy, Russia and the U.S. fighting against Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

The Second World War would see Britain, France, Russia, the U.S. and China fighting against Germany, Italy and Japan.

Back in the 1990s, George Milner a member of the City of Edmonton History and Archives Board was given the task of presenting Chief Papaschase’s descendants with a City of Edmonton recognition award for his contributions to the development of the City of Edmonton.

The award would be presented by Mr. Milner to Papaschase’s descendants at the City of Edmonton History and Archives Board’s Annual Historical Recognition Awards Dinner.

The Gladieu (also spelled Gladue) family of northern Alberta and northern Saskatchewan (who were all descended from the great Chief Papaschase) had numerous representatives on hand at the dinner to receive the award on behalf of their ancestor.

While researching the life of Chief Papaschase for the speech he was to give, Mr. Milner was startled to discover in a copy of the Edmonton Bulletin newspaper from 1906 a description of the vision of three world wars that Chief Papaschase gave to Edmonton Bulletin editor Frank Oliver of a revelation he said he had received from the Great Spirit.

Mr. Milner was stunned by the sheer accuracy of the prophecies of the two world wars.

Unlike Nostradamus (or as a former DARPA employee called the writer of confused and confusing quatrains Nostril Dumb Ass), Chief Papaschase named names and didn’t equivocate.

Mr. Milner alluded to the prophecies in his dinner speech very briefly as he didn’t want the sensation of the vision to obscure Chief Papaschase’s other achievements in northern Alberta history.

As for the vision of the Third World War, Mr. Milner told the vision to his son.

The Third World War, Chief Papaschase noted would begin initially as a war of trade, technology and industrial espionage with China and Russia on one side vs. the U.S., Western Europe and Japan on the other.

Then admist a backdrop of tensions in the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea and religious and political tensions in the Middle East, the trade and technology war between the U.S. and China would suddenly erupt into open hostility and military conflict and warfare as a result of an incident that happened on Canada’s West Coast.

Papaschase did not say what that incident would be.

However with the recent arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhu in Vancouver, British Columbia while conflict in the Crimean Peninsula region of the Black Sea and religious and poltical tensions in the Middle East were reaching a crescendo it suddenly hit George Milner’s son that this may have been the scenario that Chief Papaschase saw prior to the outbreak of the military aspect of World War III.

Which may also explain why George Milner’s son has had such immense problems with demonically possessed roommates the past year and an inoperative iPhone and a gradually failing Samsung Galaxy tablet the past couple of months (as well as Fascism, Communism and all around totalitarianism on the part of the Calgary Public Library system) as he is probably one of the few human beings on Earth aware of the prophecies made by Chief Papaschase back in 1906.

As Renfield and Ho set out to poison Apple’s Cook with poisoned apples picked from the Russian Apple Tree of Death in Sevastopol Crimea (a tree genetically developed by Dr. Nicht Werhoffen the chief scientist of the Russian FSB who used to be the chief scientist for the East German Stasi back in the days when Communist East Germany existed as a country), British Prime Minister Theresa May stood in the Westminster House of Commons and announced that she was cancelling tomorrow’s Commons vote on her Brexit deal.

Ostensibly because she was going to lose the vote.

But also because Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was anxious to find out what Renfield’s position on the deal was and Renfield was out of the country trying to save Canada’s national political sovereignty from the Trump Administration of the U.S.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem Israel, the Mossad agent they called the Controller of the Golem stood on the Temple Mount watching kohanim (priestly members) of Israel’s nascent Sanhedrin dedicate a stone altar to the Third Temple in Jersualem on the Temple Mount.

They were doing it today December 10th (which is the last day of Hannukah this year).

Meanwhile the ghost of Thomas Merton (the famous 20th Century American Trappist monk, writer, poet and mystic who had died 50 years ago today as a result of accidental electrocution by a Hitachi floor fan in his Bangkok Thailand retreat center room where he was attending an ecumenical monastic conference and dialogue between Catholic and Buddhist monks although Episcopalian (and former Dominican priest) Matthew Fox made the claim in 2016 that Merton was actually assassinated by the American CIA) had been granted temporary dispensational leave from Purgatory and Paradise by Hades the god of the Underworld (since Pope Francis was currently out to lunch as he had been since the start of his pontificate) to attend the dedication ceremony.

As Merton stood there, he was shocked to see the demons Baphomet and Beelzebub standing to the left of the Third Temple stone altar dedication ceremony.

What, Merton wondered, were they doing there?

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday December 10th

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Pan Goatee Gets The Vincent Price Seal of Approval and Cthulhu Overhears Trump’s Plan To Build Third Temple

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Pan Goatee Gets The Vincent Price Seal of Approval and Cthulhu Overhears Trump’s Plan To Build Third Temple

Pan Goatee was riding the train 🚊 when he noticed a very beautiful young Asian woman wearing a short skirt board the train and sit behind him.

Sadly Pan had to get off at the next stop.

Otherwise he’d have talked to her and taken her to a fried rice 🍛 dinner if she was Chinese, a sushi 🍣 buffet if she was Japanese or a nice Bibimbap place if she was Korean.

He went to the exit which was right behind her and noticed a fat ugly white blimp standing at the exit.

Like most of the fat ugly blimps in the city, they were mainly white which of course was the ultimate proof that the “whites are the master race” theory was a total lie.

Pan Goatee suspected that it was because most of the airheaded females in the white race had imbibed heavily from the raw sewage water of radical feminism that caused them to become so fat and ugly.

Goatee from talking to men in their 50s, 60s and 70s noted that they all claimed that the vast majority of white women weren’t so fat and ugly 50 years ago.

It was only with the advent of the 1970s and radical feminism in the Western world that obesity started to balloon (quite literally) among white females and their faces took on the shape of vastly decomposed watermelons and the most grotesque misshapen pumpkins.

Goatee took out his astral laser machete and promptly cut off the fat ugly blimp’s head and then kicked it down the aisle where it went out a far door and all the way to the city’s northwest end where it scored the winning field goal in a Calgary Stampeders CFL practice match among the team players.

The quarterback of the winning side of the team after picking up the “ball” immediately thought of sending a letter of complaint to the CFL league commissioner about how the quality of the league’s footballs 🏈 seemed to have radically deteriorated this season.

Pan Goatee then cut a hole in the roof of the train with his laser machete and exited that way.

As he exited, he noticed the head of the Calgary Tourist Authority walk by so he promptly beheaded the man.

The price the villain would have to pay for not warning tourists about the humanly (?) bovine cows (who had been the object of UFO 🛸 abductions who then returned the product to earth but failed to get their money back for their troubles) among the city’s female populace.

. . .

Cthulhu had spent the day in San Francisco Bay eating a group of lobster fishermen.

This meal on Cthulhu’s part immensely pleased Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster in London who had a vision of it.

After eating the last lobster fisherman with a pillar of salt he found on the beach (some ET woman had turned around to look back on San Francisco and the resulting radical change in bodily biochemistry occurred), he belched loudly and lay down to take a nap 💤.

With his expert hearing, he overheard a secret conversation taking place among high-ranking Republicans on the Bohemian Grove estate.

“Do you mean to say that Donald Trump intends to build the Third Temple on his own?” Asked a shocked voice.

“Yes,” said the other man, “for some leading Jewish rabbis and scholars throughout the centuries have prophesied that it will be a descendant of Edom who will build the Third Temple whereas it was descendants of David who built the first two. And Trump with the grandiose Messianic tendencies he has believes that he will be the descendant of Edom to do so.”

“But won’t the Palestinians and various Islamic authorities in the Middle East object?” The man with the Austrian accent (noted for being a bodybuilder, an actor and a state governor) asked the man with the German accent (noted for being a former U.S. Secretary of State).

“Of course, but has Donald Trump ever given a damn what other people think or the objections they might raise?” The former Secretary of State asked.

“Oh shit,” said the former bodybuilder, “does that mean we’ll soon be saying to Mother Earth 🌏 Gaia, Hasta la vista, baby?”.

. . .

After listening to the Michael Jackson song Thriller, British MP Renfield R. Renfield slept.

In his dream, Vincent Price was talking to a raven.

“Me thinks, friend Raven, that Pan Goatee is working zealously to make this world a more beautiful place. For no male mortal can resist the beheading of the uglo.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday August 9th

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