Reaper of Death

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Reaper of Death

As the sexual predator Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein headed off to the Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo New York where shortly the cleft between his buttocks could serve as a stand-in for the Grand Canyon in a travel video shot by an inmate wanting to make travel videos but couldn’t because he was in prison, the homosexual predatory Communist former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (who sexually assaulted numerous young seminarians over the years) was happily walking down a Florida beach looking for handsome young male lifeguards who could help him relieve his depression and anxiety in the way he enjoyed most.

But there weren’t many people on the beach today as most were social distancing.

“What a pain in the ass a pandemic can be at times,” mused McCarrick.

As Cardinal, the Communist infiltrator into the Catholic Church had been the one to negotiate the Vatican-China Treaty between the Vatican and the Communist government in Beijing by which the underground Catholic Church in China had been sold out to the so-called Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (run by Bishops appointed by Beijing and loyal to the current Chinese Communist deity Xi Jinping and not to Jesus Christ).

Earlier this month, Pope Francis had taken a break from embracing apostasy, spouting heresy and worshipping Pachamama idols to make a video in which he told Chinese Catholics to get in line and follow the Communist Chinese run Catholic Church.

As McCarrick walked along the beach, he encountered an eight foot tall bat (the nocturnal mammal and not what’s used in the sport of baseball) that had the body of a giant nocturnal mammalian bat but the head of a Thanatotheristes (which translates to Reaper of Death in Greek) a new species of tyrannosaurus that had recently been discovered in the Western Canadian province of Alberta.

McCarrick of course was unaware that it was the head of a Thanatotheristes on the body of a bat.

“What the Hell are you?” McCarrick asked.

“I’m the demon of the Covid-19 Coronavirus,” the strange looking hybrid entity replied.

“But I don’t believe in demons,” McCarrick answered.

He hoped he wasn’t getting the Coronavirus.

It might put a damper on his efforts to find handsome young men to serve as his personal antidepressants.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday March 18th

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The Psychiatrist T-Rex: A Poem

February 4, 2015 at 8:09 pm (Commentary, Fantasy, Humour, Poetry, Satire) (, , , , , , )

The Psychiatrist T-Rex: A Poem

In ages quite Cretaceous
when world was large and spacious
there roamed around the globe
with a cerebral front lobe
a T-Rex psychiatrist
with less problems than
a triceratops podiatrist
The psychiatrist T-Rex was called Oedipus
on whose rock for a couch lay Sisyphus
whose struggle was an uphill battle
that would not be ended by death’s dark rattle
Of course Oedipus had many patients galore
whose sexual problems often came to the fore
“I’m a-Freud so,” Oedipus would often say,
“your problem could be cured by one good lay.”
But for camel humped dinosaur Deinocheirus
saurian babes would look at the hump and say, “Please spare us.”
No humps for this humpster
and he wound up in the dumpster.
Another failed attempt to cure by Oedipus Rex
one would think of his psychiatry as a curse and a hex
because despite his beard and large specs
his patients’ neuroses continued to vex.
Finally just in the nick of time
as Oedipus made lemon out of lime
a comet came hurtling from space and struck the earth
giving prehistoric psychiatry its death
but the world a chance for a second birth.

-A poem written by Christopher
Wednesday February 4th

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