Renfield and Nimrod

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Renfield and Nimrod

Renfield R. Renfield was spending Ash Wednesday by heavily smoking tons of cigarettes and spilling ash all over the living room carpet which no doubt would upset Athelstan (the butler and valet to their employer the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set) when he discovered it.

He was also busy hacking into the computers of the NSA (America’s National Security Agency) to discover what they were up to.

“Great Heavens,” Renfield exclaimed to his friend and fellow co-employee Amadeus Emanon, “the NSA have apparently got Nimrod’s perfectly preserved dead body in one of their secret labs outside Washington DC.”

“Nimrod from the Old Testament?” Amadeus looked up, “The guy who built the Tower of Babel?”.

“The same,” Renfield sampled an Iraqi tuna fish sandwich from his delicatessen bought multicultural tuna fish sandwich plate featuring tuna fish sandwiches from all over the globe.

“And the body is perfectly preserved, you say?” Amadeus was shocked.

“Yes,” Renfield nodded, “it was apparently found in a U.F.O. that had crashed in the Arctic seas not far from the northern Canadian hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk last December.”

(For more on the background on the U.F.O. crash near Tuktoyaktuk, please read here:


“So Nimrod was in a U.F.O and it was the crash that killed him?” Amadeus wondered inwardly what that would do to the U.F.O. craft’s owner’s interplanetary vehicular insurance rates- they’d probably rise out of this world.

“Apparently,” Renfield looked at his computer, “so Nimrod must have been taken up into the heavens like Enoch and Elijah were. Only the Bible didn’t mention Nimrod’s trip into the heavens.”

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday February 18th

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U. F. O. Crash In The High Arctic

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U. F. O. Crash In The High Arctic

The Royal Canadian Navy icebreaker HMS Sir John Franklin was in the cold frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean 72 kilometres northeast of the Canadian Northwest Territories hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk.

An airplane was believed to have crashed in the immediate vicinity.

The DEW (Distant Early Warning) line radar station at Tuktoyaktuk first established in the late 1950s at the height of the original Cold War (and secretly reactivated on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s orders as the Second Cold War- this one against Vladimir Putin’s Russia- was beginning) had picked up a speedy high- flying aerial craft on the radar just before it crashed into the Arctic seas.

Fearing that it was a Russian plane that had crashed, the Defence Department in Ottawa had immediately sent the icebreaker Franklin to the vicinity to retrieve the
plane before the Russian Navy mobilized to attempt a rescue of the wrecked craft.

Even though the craft had gone down in Canadian territorial waters, as someone in the Defence Department quipped, “Putin doesn’t let things such as borders, lines on a map and international law get in the way of getting something that he wants” so it was necessary to dispatch a ship right away before the Russians came breezing in to attempt their own rescue and salvage operation.

“We found it,” the ship’s sonar officer said to the captain of HMS Sir John Franklin.

“How far down is it?” Captain William Washburn asked.

“Let me just try to get an exact reading,” the sonar officer pushed a few buttons, “but it’s within a safe range for us to salvage and bring to the surface.”

“All right begin salvage operations,” Captain Washburn ordered the crew.

. . .

As the craft was hoisted aboard the ship, those present knew they were not looking at a plane.

They were looking at a round flying saucer disc shaped craft- what U.F.O. buffs would have called a U.F.O. had they seen it.

“Any signs of radiation?” Captain Washburn asked the ship’s radiation officer.

The ship’s radiation officer checking his Geiger counter replied, “Some but it’s at safe levels.”

“Let’s see if it can be opened,” Captain Washburn directed his crew.

Various attempts were made but nothing successful.

“Well we better get this back to land and see what can be done from there,” Captain Washburn ordered the ship to embark to the harbour at nearby Tuktoyaktuk.

“Do you mind if I try something?” A voice asked.

Captain Washburn looked in the direction of the voice.

It belonged to Israeli Naval Lt. Enoch Elijah Ben Eitan.

Lt. Ben Eitan was a guest observer from the Israeli Navy.

“Sure, go ahead,” Captain Washburn nodded.

Lt. Ben Eitan opened his briefcase which he always carried with him.

He reached into his briefcase and pulled out what looked to be a foot long key- a key made out of lapis lazuli.

The lapis lazuli key seemed to have ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on it.

“We find this is able to open such craft when they occasionally crash in the Negev Desert,” explained Ben Eitan.

The statement was greeted with a stunned silence.

Lt. Ben Eitan walked around the craft while holding the lapis lazuli key in his hand.

He stopped when the key suddenly seemed to glow.

He held the key over this portion of the craft and this part of the craft opened like a door.

The Franklin captain and the Israeli lieutenant peered through the door and inside were the bodies of 6 dead ET grays and one dead humanoid looking figure with a Middle Eastern appearance.

“I think we better get to Tuktoyaktuk as soon as possible,” Captain Washburn ordered, “and radio the Defence Department in Ottawa right away as to what we’ve found.”

. . .

On the shore waiting for the ship were members of the Canadian Army, representatives of NORAD, officers from the RCMP and FBI and a special team of M.I.B. (Men In Black) dispatched from Washington D.C.

Also standing on the shore near Tuktoyaktuk was a mysterious figure- the same figure who had stood atop Mount Moriah when the lights and electricity and power had suddenly shut off over Jerusalem.

(For more on this, please read


As the craft was brought on to the shore, the mysterious figure suddenly vanished into the darkness of the Arctic night.

And a cold wind blew on to the shore.

And the lights from Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights- that had been in the sky- they seemed to go out- like some dark switch had turned them off.

To be continued.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday December 8th

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