Pan Goatee’s Rap Song

February 23, 2015 at 11:19 pm (Horror, Mystery/horror, Mythology, Poetry, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , )

Pan Goatee’s Rap Song

The genetically created half- man half goat satyr serial killer Pan Goatee who worked as a hired assassin for the U.S. government had some spare time on his hands so he decided to write his own rap song about the upcoming lunar new year the Year of the Ram:

Hey how’s it going my friends
don’t swim too deep
or you’ll get the bends
They call this new year the Year of the Ram
which I’ll toast
with peanut butter and jam
Now some say it’s the Year of the Sheep
the creature who followed Little Bo Peep
others like me say that it’s the Year of the Goat
you better agree or I’ll slash your throat.
Now the god Pan’s death was announced to Tiberius on the isle of Capri
I’ll continue rapping as I take this pee
and as you can see the god Pan is back from the dead
So don’t act like your eyes be full of lead
I am he, you fools
I’ve got the tools
Goats’ hooves for feet
which is kind of neat
and I’ve also got furry goats’ legs
while my human arms carry these beer kegs
Yep, Pan is back
out of the sack
and I’m here to raise Hell
now ain’t that swell?

-A Pan Goatee rap song
written by Christopher
for his vampire novel
Monday February 23rd

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