I’m Taking A Break From WordPress For A While

January 16, 2022 at 10:02 pm (Life, Personal essays)

Starting tomorrow I’ll be taking a break from WordPress for a while.

Earlier this month, I got an email from my social worker that they’ll be cutting off my government disability pension.

Without this, I won’t have any money for rent or food.

Trying to do something about this has been affected by other things.

A week or so ago the water pipes in the trailer I’m in burst so there was no running water for a few days.

My roommates do not take hot showers but I do so I was going crazy over not being able to take a shower.

Then the electricity in the trailer went out the day a plumber came to fix the pipes.

We thought it was a fuse in the trailer but it turned out to be a power outage in the whole neighbourhood.

The outage lasted two days before it was fixed.

Apparently power outages had been occurring all over southern Alberta in that time period.

According to an article I read written by Medicine Hat-Cypress Hills Independent MLA Drew Barnes (who was unceremoniously booted out of the governing United Conservative Party caucus by Alberta’s Neo-Fascist tyrant Premier Jason Kenney for daring to oppose vaccine mandates), the outages were caused by the previous brainless semi-Marxist socialist New Democratic Party government of Rachel Notley (whose last name should really be pronounced Nutley) who decided to shut down the number of coal powered plants in Alberta that previously produced electricity and make use of what is called “clean green renewable energy alternatives”. It turned out that the “clean green renewable energy alternatives” so beloved by Rachel Nutley, California’s living dead zombie Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Pachamama worshipping Communist Pope Francis don’t produce as much watts of electricity as those old coal powered plants.

I had sent my social worker an email asking to explain why my government disabilty pension is cut off but I haven’t heard back from her and it’s been a week.

For those who wonder why I don’t phone her, it’s because I can’t afford to get on a mobile phone network because my disabilty pension is so little but it is enough for food and rent.

I rely on free wi-fi in the places where I rent in order to be able to communicate with the outside world via my ancient smart phone and antiquated tablet.

So now hopefully that the water and electricity is back on and working in the trailer, I can now see if I can get reinstated on my government disabilty pension.

Dealing with government bureaucracy is always a major pain in the ass so I’m going to have to concentrate on dealing with that.

Which means no time to spend researching geopolitics, current events, history and literature in order to write my vampire novel geopolitical satire chapters and my poetry.

I have taken a break from WordPress a couple of times in the past but on those occasions I was suffering burnout and needed to refresh my mind.

This time I’m still brimming with ideas to write about but I need to concentrate on getting my government disability pension restored in order that I can continue to have food and shelter.

The assholes at the Calgary Dream Center (that alleged charity that supposedly helps homeless people get back on their feet which explains why they kicked me down) had been giving me a hard time the past 2 years.

Now that I’m away from their nefarious Mark of the Beast influences, Alberta Social Services now wants to give me a hard time by cutting off my government disability pension.

So I don’t know when I’ll be back on WordPress.

If I can get my government disability pension restored, then I’ll be back on WordPress.

Contemplating the sad announcement that I’ll be taking a break from WordPress for a while.

-A personal essay written by Christopher
Saturday January 16th 2022


  1. George F. said,

    So sorry to hear.

  2. mastermixmovies said,

    Hope to see you again

  3. River Dixon said,

    I’m sorry to hear you are struggling. I’ll pray for you.

  4. Hetty Eliot said,

    Oh no 😰 I’ll be praying for your well-being as always. I hope you’ll let us know you’re okay.

  5. Seoul Sister said,

    I’m sorry too and my prayers are with you.

  6. Hyperion said,

    Dang Chris! As soon as you get back on your feet and into your groove some Downtown Café Bolshevik tries to unhinge your life. What is it going to take to convince them to feed and shelter you so you can enlighten us with the daring tales of Set Enterprise and crew? I’m certain you will apply bold reasoning to the predicament and get reinstated. The bureaucracy is the only means of justifying the incredible journey through the dank bowels of government before popping out into the circling bowl of life once again. You got this bro.

    • George F. said,

      Unsure if “popping out into the circling bowl of life” would be the goal. OMG bro…are you back?

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thank you, Daniel.

      Yes, these Downtown Cafe Bolsheviks (aka Lucifer’s useful idiots) are always causing problems.

      • Hyperion said,

        This calls for a Renfieldian solution. 🤜👹🤛

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        It very much does. 😀

      • Hyperion said,

        You have plenty of good prayers offered for a satisfactory outcome. Let us know how it goes.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        I will, Daniel.

        I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.

      • Hyperion said,

        I will pray for good news.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Thanks, Daniel.

        Until I get back on disability pension, I tried today to apply for emergency financial assistance from the Alberta government.

        My worker has been withholding my cheque since I moved in in December until my landlord signs a statement.

        But my landlord Pastor Artur Pawlowski keeps getting thrown in and out of jail by the Alberta provincial government for daring to oppose vaccine mandates.

        So it’s been difficult to get him to sign being the occasional Gulag prisoner of Alberta’s Coviet Union government.

        Then last week they took me off disability completely.

        So come February 1st, I’ll be 3 months in arrears on paying my rent..

        So today I tried to phone an emergency number to get emergency help from the Alberta provincial government to pay my rent.

        They said there’s such a large number of calls you can only apply on-line.

        When I go to their on-line site, they said this on-line site cannot be accessed by smart phone or tablet but only by PC or laptop.

        And of course I only have a smart phone and tablet.

        My two roommates only have smart phones.

        However a neighbour across the street apparently has a laptop, one of my roomates mentioned.

        So I went to the neighbour but apparently the on-line site crashed due to heavy volume of usage.

        I think I’ve mentioned in the past the reason why I write a geopolitical vampire novel rather than about my own personal life, Daniel, is because my geopolitical vampire novel is so much more believable and realistic sounding than my own personal life.

        Today was further proof of that.

      • Hyperion said,

        I do believe your vampire novels are all prescient predictions of our immediate future. They are that believeable. And truly your real life is unbelievable because it means that vast swaths of government services are basically inept at their assigned missions and yet trillions of Canadian coin in the form of taxes is cascading into the government coffers to perform the government missions. Sadly the tax paying is done with much more candor than the tax expenditure for the good of the people. We all know that you can’t be the only person getting the Strawberry Fields’ spikey thumb up the bum treatment. 😥. I shall pray for the fighting pastor’s freedom to sign your paperwork.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Thank you so much, Daniel.

      • Hyperion said,

        You are most welcome, Chris.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Please read the reply I gave to Sherry, Daniel.

        I meant to reply to you but it wound up as a reply to Sherry for some reason.

        It’s too long a reply to write out again.

        It’s about our friend, Apple Rae.

        Her father died yesterday.

      • Hyperion said,

        Yes, she told me and it came totally unexpected. There is no greater sorrow than to lose one’s parent and certainly, we know this pain all too well.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        We do. 😢

  7. Jo said,

    ❤️ Sorry to hear you have a rough period. I hope everything will be OK soon.


    I am sorry, Dracul. ❤️

  9. thekeystonegirlblogs said,

    A problem for many these days. Hope you get sorted soon.

  10. Crandew said,

    I’m sorry to hear all that, but I’ll be wishing you all the best!

  11. monimonikablog said,

    Good luck Christopher. Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for restoring your pension. love to you ♥

  12. GP said,

    I’m very sorry for your troubles (and dire troubles they are!). I hope all is resolved soon!

  13. Giannis Pit said,

    I sincerely regret all these difficult problems. I hope everything goes well and that you return soon. Be strong.

  14. Charles Christopher said,

    Will keep you in my prayers. Hope to see you back soon.

  15. George F. said,

    Unsure if thoughts and prayers work, but I can send vibes into the void!

  16. 北方榆 (Northern Elm) said,

    so shocking! hope you pull through the hardship and move forward again.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Thank you so much, Elm. 🙂

      I really appreciate that.

      I know I’ll miss not being on WordPress but I don’t want to be homeless again like I was for the summer and autumn of 2016 and the early winter of 2017.

  17. blackwings666 said,

    It won’t be the same without Draculvanhelsing’s daily posts – hope to hear from you soon.

  18. cattalespress said,

    Hope it works out for you.

  19. Sherry V.H said,

    Like I wrote to you yesterday I am not as active as well online these days because of responsibilities and work. Since Covid had had us we are all on the brink of madness trying to survive both mentally and financially. I am glad still that I have more than enough savings that I kept well for years. Even then the source will be less in a couple of years to go when one has a big family as me and I must look out for other options to stay survive.

    I hope that you shall find your way through these all, my friend. I keep you in my prayers & thoughts and return with victories!

    Ass my Covid and the government! Really …

    Hold on, Chris!

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Ass is indeed the best way to describe Covid and the government, Sherry.

      Thank you for your prayers, my friend. 🙏🏻

      I shall pray for you as you face all that Covid madness in Germany.

      God bless you.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Oh, I forgot to mention, Daniel.

      After all that kerfuffle with the provincial government yesterday, I had gone on Facebook all the while thinking to myself, “What a horrible day I’m having.”

      Then the first post I saw was one from our friend Apple Rae who was having a worse day than me.

      Her father died yesterday.

      Her post said, “Rest in peace, Papa.”

      So please keep Apple and her family in your prayers, my friend.

  20. odell01 said,

    This link could help you: https://financialreliefnav.prospercanada.org/en You can personalize a search for government benefits sorted by your province, and then by answering questions about yourself once you navigate to the Benefits Wayfinder

  21. T.N. said,

    Oh, no 😨. I hope it all gets better soon. You’ll be missed.

  22. Tanya said,

    Hoping everything sorts out soon! Sending you love and prayers. Let me know if you need something or I can be of any help. Why would they disable pension in these times knowing how hard everything is due to Covid?

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      It’s indeed a mystery, Tanya.

      Afer a few days, I got back to writing blog posts again because I missed it.

      Now the landlord who owns the trailer I rent a room in dropped by yesterday and informed my roommates that he’s selling the trailer within the next month.

      So it looks like I’m having to move again for the fourth time in less than a year.

      • Tanya said,

        Yes very strange!
        Of course he is selling the trailer, due to covid prices have shot up. I hope they resume your pension and you’ve a place to live in peace. It’s so cold ryt now, moving in winters is the last thing you want. Let’s see how it goes!

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Yes, I’m doing a lot of praying hoping that everything turns out.

      • Tanya said,

        God willing it will turn out in your favour 👌

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Thank you, Tanya. 🙏🏻

      • Tanya said,


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