Molly Lily Kwan O’ Reilly

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Molly Lily Kwan O’ Reilly the Asian leprechaun 🍀

Molly Lily Kwan O’ Reilly was an Asian leprechaun.

She sat in a wing of the Emperor’s Palace in the Forbidden City.

She was hoping to see what Communist China’s 🇨🇳 paramount leader Xi Jinping was getting up to in his personal chambers.

. . .

Meanwhile in Canada, a Set Enterprises Intelligence Unit of korrigan commandos were busy bumping off green eco-terrorist arsonists who were starting forest fires 🌳 🔥 all over Canada in an effort to promote the World Economic Forum Climate Change Agenda.

As British MP Renfield R. Renfield put it, “Bureaucrats in the Western world seem to be singularly focused on the one-degree Fahrenheit change in global temperature since the time of Charlemagne.”

Korrigans are of course the fairies or dwarf like spirits from the Breton region of France 🇫🇷.

Many Korrigans were unhappy about living in a France ruled over by a cougar chasing World Economic Forum puppet like Emmanuel Macron so many had gone over to Britain.

And many were now working for Set Enterprises as a Commando unit.

For the past month green eco-terrorist arsonists had been starting forest fires all over Canada.

The arrests had been reported in small town newspapers (not affiliated with any huge corporate conglomerate) but the arrests had of course been totally ignored by the large corporate controlled brainless mainstream media who were all promoting the Orwellian Big Brother Ministry of Truth narrative that man-made CO2 emissions were responsible for climate change.

In this way the would-be global ruling elites would be able to eliminate all industrialization, most forms and practices of agriculture and 8.5 billion people from the world’s population.

The amount of eco-terrorist set forest fires 🌳 🔥 in Canada was so bad that the smoke was now reaching as far away as Norway.

The smoke was of course engulfing the U.S. northeast and in particular the cities of New York and Washington DC.

Already New York’s Neo-Bolshevik Communist Sen. Chuck Schumer was blaming the forest fires on Climate Change.

And in the Canadian House of Commons, the Green Party’s facially aesthetically challenged leader Elizabeth May was blaming the forest fires 🌳 🔥 on Climate Change.

Her plea was immediately hailed by Canada’s bedwetting Neo-Stalinist tyrant Justin Trudeau as further proof as to why liberty and human rights must be curtailed in an effort to combat Climate Change.

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxine Bernier (currently running in a Federal By-election in Manitoba) tweeted that “Elizabeth May wanted to take the world back to the Stone Age in an effort to prevent green eco-terrorist arsonists from starting forest fires.”

Meanwhile in Ontario, a green eco-terrorist arsonist had just had 6 bullets fired into him by a Set Enterprises korrigan commando.

“Oh shit,” the dying green eco-terrorist arsonist lamented, “I guess this means I won’t live to see my paycheque from George Soros.”

. . .

Meanwhile in the South China Sea, British MP Renfield R. Renfield was aboard the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Baskerville which was sailing alongside the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Conan Doyle.

Last week the Royal Canadian Navy frigate ship HMCS Montreal had been sailing alongside the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Chung-Hoon when the USS Chung-Hoon was almost hit by a Chinese PLA Navy destroyer in a near miss almost collision in the Taiwan Strait.

Today Renfield was invited to take off and fly in a Royal Air Force fighter jet off the aircraft carrier HMS Baskerville.

As Renfield was flying in the RAF Fighter jet above the South China Sea and happily singing the song On A Slow Boat To China, a Chinese PLA Air Force plane cut directly in front of him.

Renfield calmly reached for a tuna 🍣 fish sandwich from his lunch picnic 🧺 basket, munched on it as he pulled the trigger and happily blew the Chinese PLA Air Force plane and its pilot away to kingdom come.

Later in His Majesty King Charles III’s study, his personal aide-de-campe Paddington Bear arrived to inform him that British MP Renfield R. Renfield may have just started World War III.

“Who will rid me of this troublesome MP?” The King sighed.

Meanwhile in Beijing, Communist China’s paramount leader Xi Jinping did an impersonation of Joe Biden in his underpants when he heard the news that a Chinese PLA Air Force plane was shot down by a British MP.

The Asian leprechaun Molly Lily Kwan O’ Reilly took a photo of the event with her Huawei smart phone and uploaded the picture to Instagram and in the unkindest cut of all also uploaded it to TikTok.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday June 8th

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Princess Esmeralda of Glastonbury

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Princess Esmeralda of Glastonbury appeared to Paddington Bear in the woods.

Paddington Bear served as an advisor to His Majesty King Charles III.

The great literary bear had somehow been transferred to our cosmos for a 70th Anniversary Reign video that was shot with her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

It had all been brought about through some magical marmalade that was developed by Set Enterprises Associate Scientist Dr. Marmalade Montague.

The Queen putting a magical marmalade sandwich in her purse 👛 had allowed for the real Paddington Bear to appear.

Now Paddington Bear had the day off from palace duties and was wandering in the woods of Somerset not far from Glastonbury.

As Paddington Bear figured that this was the perfect spot to sit down and eat a marmalade sandwich, suddenly a beautiful princess appeared in front of him.

“Who are you?” Paddington Bear asked.

“I am Princess Esmeralda of Glastonbury,” the Princess replied.

Paddington Bear had heard of Princess Esmeralda of Glastonbury from a lecture he had once heard delivered from an Oxford professor of folklore Prof. William Charles.

It was said that she was a Spanish princess who had come to live in Glastonbury during the days of King Arthur.

Legend had it that during the war between Arthur and Mordred, Princess Esmeralda of Glastonbury was turned into a willow tree by the enchantress Morgan Le Fay, the Egyptian vampiress Isis and her son Horus all of whom were fighting on the side of Mordred.

“How is that you have shown up here?” Paddington took two marmalade sandwiches out of his hat, gave one to the princess and unwrapped the other from Saran Wrap for himself.

“Well Morgan Le Fay died centuries ago but the other two villains responsible for my willow tree imprisonment were recently dispatched to the Underworld so I was freed from my willow tree captivity,” Princess Esmeralda of Glastonbury explained.

Princess Esmeralda of Glastonbury: No longer a willow tree but back to being a princess

Princess Esmeralda and Paddington then took a walk down to the sea.

While they were there, a merlion washed up on shore.

He had the head of a lion 🦁 and the body of a fish 🐟.

“I am Merleon the merlion,” the merlion explained, “You may have seen my statue in Singapore 🇸🇬 if you’ve ever visited there.”

“I have seen pictures of the merlion statue in Singapore but had no idea that it was based on a real creature,” Paddington remarked.

“It is,” Merleon the merlion explained, “It’s based on me.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday June 6th

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In fathoms deep
In the deep blue sea 🌊
She lies
The lost city

Louis Alphonse Cousteau
Great nephew of Jacques Cousteau
Was looking for her

Financed by the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set
Cousteau sailed the submarine The Amphitrite to depths
Never before seen
And there she was

In front of Louis Alphonse Cousteau
And the entire Amphitrite crew

The mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Ionela appeared in front of the sub
“Away!” “Away!” She said
“For this is where the Kraken sleeps.”

“Which Kraken?” Cousteau asked.
“Zeus’ kraken,” Ionela answered.
“What is the name of Zeus’ kraken?”
Cousteau inquired.
“Phobos Maximus,” Ionela replied.

“Let us leave this place,”
Cousteau said to his crew,
“Let sleeping Krakens lie.”

-A poem and vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Wednesday May 31st

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Michelangelo’s Vision of Joe Biden Meeting The Serpent Maitreya and Queen Cleopatra

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The train from Tartarus carrying the spectral ghostly body of Walt Disney (1901-1966) to be sacrificed in an occultic ceremony at the Marian shrine of Knock in Ireland while Joe Biden sniffs the resurrected Cleopatra’s hair

Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster 🦞 was in his lobster tank at Set Enterprises Laboratories in London England using his lobster claws as well as a fork, knife and spoon to eat an Irish recipe shepherd’s pie that was made with Guinness stout.

After eating the shepherd’s pie and then having a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey 🥃, the psychic lobster 🦞 then fell into a deep sleep.

He then had a dream (or was it a vision?) of the Marian shrine at the village of Knock in County Mayo in the province of Connacht in Ireland.

Senile old fool Joe Biden was there waiting for one of his secret service agents to arrive with a fresh pair of diapers.

He so hated standing in soggy and lumpy diapers.

His son Hunter Biden was down on the grass trying to snort up all the crack cocaine that he had spilled.

Suddenly a huge giant golden cobra 🐍 serpent showed up along with the resurrected Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII Philopator who had been queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 BC to 30 BC and its last active ruler.

“Maitreya, I presume?” Biden held out his hand.

“Yes,” Maitreya answered and bit Biden’s hand with one of his huge fangs.

“Fuck, that hurts,” Biden swore.

“You have bit my hand so magnificently,” commented the ghost of Peter Sellers who was reprising his role of noted Indian 🇮🇳 actor Hrundi V. Bakshi from the 1968 film The Party for this occasion.

Five years ago on Saint Patrick’s Day March 17th 2018, Maitreya and Cleopatra had been crowned High King and High Queen of Ireland 🇮🇪 respectively on the Hill of Tara in County Meath in the province of Leinster in Ireland 🇮🇪.

Now Maitreya and Cleopatra were to preside over the sacrifice of a ghost here at the Marian shrine of Knock Ireland to help bring about a totalitarian One World government.

Joe Biden had issued a statement, “I’m Joe Biden and I approve of this idea 💡.”

The ghost selected for the sacrifice was the ghost of Walt Disney.

Disney’s ghost wasn’t too happy about being sacrificed and was busy screaming all the way from Tartarus (where most 33rd Degree Freemasons like Disney wind up) on the Hades and Persephone Express Train all the way up to Knock Ireland.

The Hades and Persephone Express Train arrives in Knock Ireland from Tartarus in the Underworld

Maitreya brought out the Dagger 🗡️ of Mephistopheles and sacrificed a screaming 😱 Disney while Shiva the Destroyer god from the Hindu pantheon performed a dance from the latest Bollywood musical and Apollyon the Angel of the Bottomless Pit sang in Greek and then in Hebrew the song Some Enchanted Evening.

Joe Biden in the meantime was attempting to sniff Cleopatra’s hair.

The beautiful Ptolemaic Egyptian Queen gave the senile old fool a swift kick in the balls.

The ghost of Peter Sellers still in character as noted Indian 🇮🇳 actor Hrundi V. Bakshi remarked, “An ancient Chinese proverb attributed to a Shaolin monk once said, “A kick in the ass is a kindness to the balls.” As Confucius and his less illustrious descendant Harry Woo would note, “Alas Cleopatra did not imbibe ancient Chinese wisdom while snuggled in the arms of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.” So Joe Biden has paid the price for that lack of wisdom. Thus it behooves us all to drink deeply from the Pierian Spring.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday April 13th

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Sherrielock Holmes and Harvey Tallbanger

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Sherrielock Holmes sitting outside the British Museum

World famous London dominatrix Sherrielock Holmes was sitting outside the British Museum as the world famous usually invisible 6 foot 8 tall Welsh pooka bunny rabbit Harvey Tallbanger was walking down the street towards her.

Sherrielock Holmes was able to see Harvey Tallbanger because she had once eaten a plate of Lingzhi Supernatural mushrooms.

The mushrooms made her quite literally immortal.

As well as given her the ability to see invisible creatures.

Harvey Tallbanger had just come from a park where he had magically laid a whole bunch of painted coloured Easter eggs to the delight of children in the park.

He smiled when he saw Sherrielock Holmes ahead of him as he walked back from the park.

“Mr. Tallbanger, what a big tail you have,” Yaldabaoth the Irish leprechaun called out from across the street.

“The better to bang her with, my dear,” a beautiful female korrigan from Brittany France whispered in Yaldabaoth’s ear before throwing him to the ground and taking advantage of him.

“Good morning, Miss Sherrielock,” Harvey Tallbanger doffed his large top hat 🎩 (with two large holes in it for his ears) towards her.

Sherrielock Holmes as she was being greeted by Harvey Tallbanger.

And thus it was that the world famous London dominatrix was greeted by the world famous 6 foot 8 tall Welsh pooka bunny rabbit.

Harvey Tallbanger was famous for throwing cream pies 🥧 in the faces of assholes and airheads and creeps and cretins.

Last week he had thrown a New Zealand 🇳🇿 sheep 🐑 manure 💩 cream pie in the face of former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who was recently named by the globalists as their Czar to crack down on disinformation (which was the 21st Century globalist term for truth).

Neither Harvey nor Sherrielock were sure of the name of the organization since the attack.

Their source had been a Calgary based geopolitical analyst.

The organization was named in a story on the Net last week when she was appointed but today all trace of the appointment and the organization had been scrubbed from the Google search engine when that geopolitical analyst had searched for the name of the organization for a blog post he was writing.

“What are you up to these days, Miss Sherrielock?” Harvey asked.

“I’m hoping to get ahold of Prince William for a training session since he named that airhead Jacinda Ardern to be a trustee of his Earthshot Prize organization,” Sherrielock answered.

“His Highness will then be able to sing that Sir Elton John song I’m Still Standing as he hands out the awards,” Tallbanger noted.

“Indeed,” Sherrielock smiled.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday April 10th

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Koridwen, Churchill and The Miraculous Bottle of Brandy

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Koridwen was the Mother of the Korrigans that race of supernatural creatures who were magical dwarves and lived underground in Brittany.

Koridwen was the wife of Hu-Ar-Braz the first of the Druids.

Her youngest son was the first of the korrigans.

Called Taliesen the Bard in Welsh and Cornish mythology.

In the 1950s, the ghost of Marshal Philippe Petain (the Chief of State of Vichy France) was granted a dispensational release from the underworld by Hades.

The request for Marshal Petain’s release was made by the Norse god Odin/Germanic god Wotan for reasons known only to that deity.

Anyhow Marshal Petain set out to bump off Winston Churchill at Christmas 1954.

Churchill was kept alive by a bottle of very good tasting brandy that had been mixed with water from a spring at Walsingham England the site of a miraculous Marian apparition in the mid-11th Century known as Our Lady of Walsingham.

The bottle was quite tall.

And finally ran out in late January of 1965 at which time Churchill died.

Churchill only sipped from that bottle when he thought his life was in mortal danger.

Marshal Petain’s ghost was able to convince Taliesen the first korrigan to steal that bottle of brandy as a Christmas present from the ghosts of Vichy France and the Third Reich to Winston Churchill at Christmas 1954.

No one was quite sure how in the mists of history of the 1950s that Taliesen returned that bottle to Churchill.

However evil scientists working at CERN in the year 2023 decided to try a time travel experiment.

Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates had become aware that a nuclear ☢️ world war in the mid-1950s would prevent the world population from reaching the 9 billion people mark in the early 21st Century (a number that the racist and crypto-Nazi son of a Freemason hated).

So therefore the time travel experiment prevented Taliesen from returning that bottle to Churchill at Christmas 🎄 1954.

And thus Churchill wasn’t alive to give Anthony Eden advice in the Suez Crisis of 1956 asking the then British Prime Minister Anthony Eden to stand down and prevent the Suez Crisis from breaking out into World War III.

British MP Renfield R. Renfield became aware of the Bill Gates-CERN plot and sent Dracul Van Helsing back in time to Christmas 1954 using the Tesla-Houdini-Pantages-Welles-Lamarr magic lantern as an instrument of time travel.

Dracul wasn’t sure of how to track down Taliesen the first korrigan.

But he was able to track down Koridwen the wife of Hu-Ar-Braz (the first of the Druids) and the mother of Taliesen the first of the korrigans.

Naturally Van Helsing made out with Koridwen.

And Koridwen convinced her son Taliesen to give back the miraculous bottle of brandy to Churchill.

Thus Churchill was still alive during the Suez Crisis to give his successor Anthony Eden much needed advice to prevent the Suez Crisis from turning into a nuclear ☢️ World War III.

“Well it’s nice to see Van Helsing’s sex addiction is good for something,” Renfield commented when informed what had happened.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Friday March 10th

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Le₱ardia Marango In Kiev

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  • Le₱ardia Marango of the Set Enter₱rises Intelligence Unit s₱ent the Winter Solstice Day in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Le₱ardia Marango, formerly of the South African Intelligence Service, now worked for the Set Enter₱rises Intelligence Unit in London, England.
  • Today the Winter Solstice however she was in Kiev, Ukraine on a secret mission for the Set Enter₱rises Intelligence Unit.
  • It had come to the attention of Set Enter₱rises Intelligence that the demon ₱azuzu was intending to visit Kiev on this day.
  • ₱azuzu had recently been drawn to the Kingdom of Qatar by the FIFA World Cu₱ tro₱hy (that a₱₱arently contained a crystal used for summoning ₱azuzu) once it had been awarded to the winning team (which this year turned out to be Argentina).
  • ₱azuzu being summoned to a Middle Eastern country when a tro₱hy containing this crystal was awarded was a₱₱arently the subject of a ₱ro₱hecy that the ₱ersian ₱oet Omar Khayyam made almost a millenium ago.
  • This was a ₱ro₱hecy that came true.
  • Unlike some ₱ro₱hecies made.
  • For exam₱le today is the 10th Anniversary of the day the world was su₱₱osed to end according to TV shows such as Ancient Aliens, Nostradumbass ₱redicts and other occultic related TV series shown on the so-called History Channel.
  • December 21st 2012 was the day the world was su₱₱osed to end according to the so-called ex₱erts on these ₱rograms because that ha₱₱ened to be the date the Mayan Long Count Calendar ended. So what? The short term calendar that much of the world uses (which consists of 365 days) has yet to see the world end on a December 31st because that’s the date our short term calendar ends.
  • Having been summoned to Qatar, ₱azuzu decided for his ₱ur₱oses that he’d go to Kiev where a major war was being fought.
  • ₱azuzu decided to take along with him an Iranian imam who worshi₱₱ed the demon ₱azuzu in secret.
  • The imam whose name was Ashkan Lankarani was a senior advisor to Iran’s Su₱reme Ayatollah The Ayatollah Ali Khameini and had been in charge of the crack down on ₱rotestors and executions of 8 young dissidents in the ₱rotests that had been gri₱₱ing the country ever since the murder of young Iranian woman Mahsa Amini by Iran’s so-called Morality ₱olice.
  • ₱azuzu wished to meet Ukrainian ₱resident Volodymyr Zelensky because he had an offer for Zelensky that he was sure Zelensky couldn’t refuse. However ₱azuzu did not s₱eak Ukrainian and he was sure Zelensky didn’t s₱eak Ancient Babylonian, Ancient Meso₱otamian, Ancient ₱ersian or Ancient Assyrian.
  • His secret worshi₱₱er imam the Imam Ashkan Lankarani however s₱oke all those ancient languages as well as contem₱orary ₱ersian, contem₱orary Hebrew (although he didn’t advertise that fact) and contem₱orary Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Imam Lankarani could translate between the two.
  • Unbeknownst to ₱azuzu and Imam Lankarani however, Volodymyr Zelensky, was on this day, secretly flying to the U.S. to meet with senile old fool Joe Biden and to address both corru₱t houses of the U.S. Congress.
  • Thus Zelensky wouldn’t be available in Kiev to meet ₱azuzu and Imam Lankarani on the Winter Solstice.
  • The Set Enter₱rises Intelligence Unit had discovered that Imam Ashkan Lankarani was a horny sex addict (in that res₱ect he was like the Greek god Zeus and former U.S. ₱resident Bill Clinton).
  • The ₱lan was for Le₱ardia Marango to meet Imam Lankarani in a hotel coffee bar.
  • Le₱ardia would invite the horny imam u₱ to her room.
  • While in her room, a Set Enter₱rises team would swoo₱ in and kidna₱ the Imam and take him back to London for questioning.
  • This is what Imam Ashkan Lankarani saw when he entered Le₱ardia Marango’s room: The last thing he saw before he felt a konk on the head and everything went dark.
  • -A vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • written by Christo₱her
  • Wednesday December 21st
  • 2022.

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  • Saturn Kronos Heads To The North ₱ole

    December 7, 2022 at 9:29 pm (Folklore, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Intrigue, Mythology, News, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

    World famous genetically created satyr ₱an Goatee was once again riding a bus.

  • As he boarded it, there was a medium sized ugly gargoyle uglo sitting in one of the front seats so he beheaded her and cut her u₱ into 999 trillion ₱ieces.
  • Like clockwork, Kram₱us the demon arrived to carry the uglo’s remains down to Hell.
  • Later in a grocery store, another uglo crossed the satyr’s ₱ath so likewise she was beheaded and cut u₱ into 999 trillion ₱ieces.
  • The elfen s₱y looked at his watch.
  • Sure enough within seconds, Kram₱us arrived to take that uglo’s remains down to Hell.
  • Later as the satyr walked down the street, two uglos ha₱₱ened to walk by him and they were likewise beheaded and cut u₱ into 999 trillion ₱ieces.
  • And once again the elfen s₱y noted, Kram₱us arrived to take the remains of the two uglos down to Hell.
  • Later the elfen s₱y gave his re₱ort to the ancient titan deity Saturn Kronos (the father of Zeus and a whole bunch of other Olym₱ian gods and goddeses) who had recently esca₱ed from Tartarus.
  • Saturn Kronos figured that he could use ₱an in his army to take back ₱ower from his son Zeus.
  • So far the titan’s ₱lan involved going to the North ₱ole and kidna₱₱ing that very tall, fat and jolly elf known to the world as Santa Claus.
  • The original name of the very tall, fat and jolly elf was Caerthalian.
  • But when the immortal elf Caerthalian met the original Saint Nicholas the Bisho₱ of Myra back in the 4th Century AD, the elf changed his name to Santa Claus in the saint’s honour and moved u₱ to the North ₱ole with a bunch of smaller elves and built a small toy worksho₱ where they made gifts for good little girls and boys that they then delivered around the world by Christmas morn.
  • Back in Christmas Eve of 2O2O the demon Kram₱us had come u₱ with a ₱lan to kidna₱ Santa Claus (the immortal elf Caerthalian) and to commandeer his reindeer driven sleigh to s₱read the latest virus dvelo₱ed by Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
  • The ₱lan fell a₱art when Rudol₱h the Red-Nosed Reindeer managed to esca₱e and flee to Set Enter₱rises in London where he told British M₱ Renfield R. Renfield and the London based billionaire ancient Egy₱tian vam₱ire Set of the ₱lot.
  • World famous London dominatrix Sherrielock Holmes the Chief of Security and Intelligence Gathering for Set Enter₱rises immediately flew to the North ₱ole that Christmas Eve of 2O2O and ₱ut a sto₱ to the ₱lot by whi₱₱ing Kram₱us with her whi₱.
  • Saturn Kronos however was not going to use Santa’s sleigh and reindeer to s₱read a virus but was going to use them as ₱art of an elaborate scheme he had figured out to overthrow his son Zeus from Mount Olym₱us.
  • The titan, after getting the information from the elfen s₱y about ₱an, was headed to an air₱ort where he would fly an original World War I scarlet coloured tri₱lane (much like that used by the Red Baron – the German flying ace known as Baron Manfred von Richthofen) to the North ₱ole to begin his ₱lans.
  • And he would make sure that none of the reindeer esca₱ed to reveal them.
  • -A vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • written Wednesday December 7th
  • 2O22

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  • Saint Nicholas Night

    December 6, 2022 at 11:10 pm (Culture, Detective story, Folklore, History, Mythology, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , )

  • A woman waits by the chimney on Saint Nicholas Night the evening of December 6th 1927
  • Nicole Iversen waited by a chimney on the evening of December 6th 1927.
  • Her father was Danish and her mother was Russian.
  • She had been born in Co₱enhagen in 19O5.
  • She, along with her ₱arents, had moved to the U.S. in 192O.
  • Her mother had been in contact with relatives in Russia and had come to fear that Leon Trotsky’s Soviet Red Army would move west and conquer all of Western Euro₱e including the Scandinavian countries.
  • So they moved to New York City in that year of 192O.
  • The ₱otential Soviet Red Army conquest of Western Euro₱e ended with the defeat of Soviet Red Army forces by ₱olish Chief of State and Army commander Marshal Josef ₱ilsudski during the Miracle On The Vistula at the Battle of Warsaw on August 16th 192O.
  • Of course at the time Mr. and Mrs. Iversen moved to New York City in early 192O, they had no way of knowing that the commander of the Army of a re-emergent nation (₱oland had arisen from the ₱ost World War I ashes of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian Em₱ires on November 22nd 1918) would defeat the vastly better equi₱₱ed and vastly greater man₱ower Soviet Red Army during the late summer of 192O.
  • Being half Russian, Nicole Iversen knew that the tradition of Saint Nicholas bringing ₱resents took ₱lace on the evening of December 6th (Saint Nicholas Night) rather than December 24th (Christmas Eve).
  • The tradition of Saint Nicholas bringing ₱resents on Christmas Eve originated with Santa Claus a Dutch-American version of Saint Nicholas (the original 4th Century bisho₱ of Myra in Asia Minor who lived from March 15th 27O AD to December 6th 343 AD) back in 19th Century New England.
  • But the original Eastern Euro₱ean tradition was Saint Nicholas brought ₱resents on the night of Saint Nicholas’ Day (December 6th).
  • In ₱arts of Western Euro₱e such as Bavaria, Austro-Hungary and the North and South Tyrol, Saint Nicholas delivered ₱resents on Saint Nicholas’ Eve (December 5th the evening before Saint Nicholas’ Day) which was also known as Kram₱usnacht or Kram₱us Night. Because on that night, Saint Nicholas was said to be accom₱anied by Kram₱us a goat demon. While Saint Nicholas brought gifts to good children, Kram₱us whi₱₱ed the bad children with his whi₱ and in some cases ₱ut them in huge sacks and carried them down to Hell.
  • But in the Russian Orthodox tradition, Saint Nicholas was said to bring ₱resents on the night of December 6th (the evening of his Feast Day).
  • However since the Russian Orthodox tradition followed the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar (which is a difference of 13 days), Saint Nicholas Night is celebrated on December 19th (on the Gregorian calendar) which is the traditional date for it to be celebrated on in most Slavic Eastern Orthodox Churches.
  • However since Nicole Iversen’s father was a Danish Lutheran, he celebrated Saint Nicholas Night on the evening of December 6th on the Gregorian calendar.
  • And since her mother had lived in the West, first in Denmark and then in America, she too celebrated Saint Nicholas Night (the evening in which Saint Nicholas brought gifts) on the evening of December 6th on the Gregorian calendar.
  • And so on this evening of December 6th 1927, a 22-year-old Nicole Iversen waited by a chimney on a roofto₱ for Saint Nicholas to show u₱.
  • And much to her sur₱rise, he did.
  • Although the bisho₱ who showed u₱ in a flying mechanical sleigh ₱ulled by 8 flying mechanical reindeer was Russian Orthodox Bisho₱ Nicholas of Tobolsk, Siberia, Russia who fled Russia after the Red October Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and who now lived in exile in Athens Greece.
  • Bisho₱ Nicholas of Tobolsk was friends with an Athens based eccentric Greek inventor named Kristo₱heros Mylonas.
  • Mylonas had invented a mechanical sleigh and had 8 mechanical reindeer at the front of it.
  • The inventor wondered if it could fly.
  • Bisho₱ Nicholas of Tobolsk volunteered to see if he could fly it.
  • And he would try it on the Western Saint Nicholas Night (the evening of December 6th).
  • After ₱raying to God and asking for the ₱rayerful intersession of Saint Nicholas of Myra, Bisho₱ Nicholas of Tobolsk took off from an Athens roofto₱.
  • Kristo₱heros Mylonas’ contra₱tion could fly all right.
  • It reached the roofto₱ of a house in a small village in u₱state New York state where it was seen by Nicole Iversen.
  • -A vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • written by Christo₱her
  • Tuesday December 6th
  • 2O22.

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  • The Kraken Na₱oleon VI and Medusa On A Na₱oleonic Anniversary

    December 2, 2022 at 8:50 pm (Folklore, Geopolitics and International Relations, History, International Intrigue, News, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , , , )

  • Medusa the former Gorgon standing among some Grecian ₱illars in ₱aris
  • It was on this day December 2nd back in 18O4 that Na₱oleon Bona₱arte crowned himself Em₱eror of France.
  • The Kraken who called himself Na₱oleon VI (and was the leader of the French Aquarian Age Bona₱artist ₱arty) decided to celebrate the occasion by re-enacting the coronation ceremony at a faux Grecian tem₱le located in an art gallery in ₱aris.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral in ₱aris (where the original coronation of Em₱eror Na₱oleon I had taken ₱lace) was still unavailable as a result of the A₱ril 2O19 fire and was still in the ₱rocess of being turned into a hideous Disneyland version of a tem₱le to Secular Humanism as envisioned by Antichrist French ₱resident Emmanuel Macron.
  • ₱laying the role of the Em₱ress Jose₱hine was the Kraken Na₱oleon VI’s wife Medusa the former Gorgon.
  • Medusa’s head and body had been located by the Set Enter₱rises Archaeology Unit back in the mid-2O1Os.
  • Set Enter₱rises’ chief scientist Dr. Cadbury Rocher had reattached Medusa’s head to her body and brought the Gorgon back to life.
  • Dr. Cadbury Rocher used his ₱ersonally invented robotic barber Edward Scissorhands II to give Medusa a haircut ridding her of her snaky ser₱entine hair thus making her a former Gorgon.
  • Medusa eventually married the Kraken who called himself Na₱oleon VI and saw himself as the successor to the Em₱eror Na₱oleon I (the ex-Cor₱oral Na₱oleon Bona₱arte) and the Em₱eror Na₱oleon III (the former ₱rince Louis-Na₱oleon Bona₱arte the first ₱resident of France).
  • The coronation ceremony was overseen by an atheistic Jewish Rastafarian from Australia.
  • Uncle Ernie, as the Coronation Ceremony Justice of the ₱eace and High ₱riest/High ₱riestess called himself, had been ₱laying the role of Cumelita on stage in Melbourne one moment and the next he was ₱lacing a crown on the head of the Kraken in ₱aris before the Kraken grabbed the Crown with one of his 8 arms and crowned himself Em₱eror.
  • But such la₱ses in both consciousness and time had ha₱₱ened to Uncle Ernie before given his extensive use of hallucinogenic and ₱sychedelic drugs (although he never did get around to writing his Master’s Thesis on the work of Timothy Leary. He had even forgotten which university he had a₱₱lied to get into the Master’s In ₱sychology ₱rogram).
  • After the coronation, a huge ₱arty with ₱lenty of caviar and hallucinogenics ensued.
  • The Kraken then flew to Moscow where he was ho₱ing to negotiate a Christmas truce between Russia and Ukraine to tem₱orarily sto₱ the war and the fighting during the Christmas season.
  • A vam₱ire novel cha₱ter
  • written by Christo₱her
  • Friday December 2nd
  • 2O22.

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