The Scientist and Jack O’ Hare

July 9, 2011 at 7:04 pm (Commentary, Short Story) (, , , , )

“Why shouldn’t pigs have wings?” the man with glasses in the white lab coat asked Jack O’ Hare.

The wild hare bunny rabbit raised his big ears when he heard the question and calmly continued to eat his carrot.

“We can make the sea boiling hot with nuclear explosions,” the scientist rubbed his hands together enthusiastically, “so why not give pigs wings? My colleagues and I are working on such wonders with genetic engineering. Perhaps you’d like wings, my big earred furry friend.”

Jack looked up at the sky.

He saw a crow and a magpie fighting.

Not all was so friendly in the skies despite the vast beautiful blue and the luminescent fluffy white clouds.

No, he was quite content with who God had made him to be- a bunny rabbit.

When Jack finished his carrot, he turned his back on the scientist in the lab coat and hopped away.

“But I can make you a god if you’d just give me the chance,” the scientist shouted after Jack O’ Hare, “for that’s the next stage in the cosmic evolution of all us species.”

The scientist’s name wasn’t Frankenstein but it may just as well have been.

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