Tales of 3 Cities and A World Gone Mad

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Tales of 3 Cities and A World Gone Mad

There were reports of a mermaid seen leaping up and down from the waters of the River Seine in Paris while a fire breathing black horse was seen galloping along its banks.

A pirate ship had allegedly appeared on the Tiber River in Rome flying the Jolly Roger flag of a skull and bones.

The pirate claimed to be named Baldassarre Cossa.

An Italian historian told BBC News that Baldassarre Cossa was a Cardinal who became the antipope John XXIII in 1410.

John XXIII was a Pisa based claimant to the Papacy opposed to Antipope Benedict XIII (an Avignon based claimant to the Papacy) and Pope Gregory XII (a Rome based claimant to the Papacy).

The Council of Constance was called in 1413 and asked that all 3 claimants should abdicate so that a new Pope could be elected ending the schism.

Pope Martin V was elected ending what history calls the Western Schism.

The Antipope John XXIII (Baldassarre Cossa) had once been a pirate in his younger days.

And now a pirate ship was sailing down the Tiber with someone claiming to be Baldassarre Cossa.

The pirate ship passed by several floating wooden statues of the Inca earth mother goddess Pachamama.

Meanwhile on the empty streets of New York City (where the only person present was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who was selling hot dogs to the demon Moloch and some of his demon friends) a black panther (the actual cat and not the comic book and movie character) was walking down the street.

There were reports from some NYC policemen that the black panther had turned herself into a beautiful young woman with a Serbian accent who identified herself as Irena Dubrovna and was seeking directions to the Central Park Zoo.

A film historian told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Irena Dubrovna was also the name of a character who appeared in the 1942 Jacques Tourneur directed film The Cat People about a young Serbian female fashion illustrator of that name said to be able to shapeshift into a black panther.

“The whole world is going insane,” thought the immortal queen Semiramis who was listening to all these strange X-Files like news reports on the radio.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher 
Sunday May 17th


  1. Jo said,

    … and it’s not even April Fool’s Day. 🙂

  2. Tales of 3 Cities and A World Gone Mad – Rootsandrevolations said,

    […] Tales of 3 Cities and A World Gone Mad […]

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