Zombie Nosferatu Major League Baseball

April 5, 2021 at 10:57 pm (Commentary, Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, Politics, Sports, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) ()

British MP Renfield R. Renfield was doing a podcast on this Monday evening.

Renfield read his script as he sipped a glass of brandy, “Antichrist worshipping Georgia senator and satanic Rev. Raphael Warnock the warlock denied the literal Resurrection of Christ in his Easter Sunday sermon.
He was denounced as a heretic by lawyer Jenna Ellis.
Blithering idiot and MSNBC resident airhead Joy Reid rushed to the apostate Rev. Warnock’s defense.
Snivelling to Jenna Ellis in an airheaded tweet, “Madame, I’m gonna take Rev. Warnock’s word as a Pastor and a scholar on the Word over yours, if you don’t mind” pointing out that Rev. Warnock is the senior pastor of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s former church.
Ignoring the fact that the terms “Scholar” and “Democratic Party politician” are mutually exclusive of one another, the fact that Rev. Warnock the warlock is senior pastor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Church doesn’t mean dick (and we’re not talking Cressida the Fascist female police commissioner of the Metropolitan London Police Service here).
Saint Peter once called Jesus “the Christ, the Son of the Living God” and today we have sitting on the Throne of Peter someone who once told an Italian journalist back in 2018 that “when Jesus became Incarnate as Man, He ceased to be God.”
Just because a Church once had an illustrious predecessor doesn’t mean that its current occupant isn’t a heretic and a twit.”

Renfield then went on to his next story.

On the screen behind him was a a photo of 8 “Night of The Living Dead” style zombies wearing 1919 Chicago White Sox uniforms and having the caption 8 Men Way Out above them and the caption Field of Nightmares below them.

“Well the latest North American professional sports league to have its brains eaten by zombies and become “woke” as a result is Major League Baseball which is going to boycott the All-Stars Professional Baseball Game in Atlanta, Georgia because the Georgia government recently passed a law making it a requirement for a voter to have valid ID in order to be able to vote in an election in Georgia.
Major League Professional Baseball, as a result of being brain dead and “woke”, has denounced the voter ID requirement law as being “racist”.
The only person stupid enough to believe that having a valid ID card in order to vote is “racist” would be a white leftist liberal.
Which explains why the white leftist liberals were in fact the first ones to come up with this absurd assertion.
White liberals (most of whom secretly believe that all blacks are stupid and are incapable of getting through life without the help of they- the white liberal self-proclaimed saviours) do not think that blacks are capable of reading and writing and filling out an application for a valid ID card on their own.
Thus to have a valid ID card in order to vote is “racist” in the white liberal’s way of thinking or rather way of NOT thinking.
And those who are non-white and agree with the white liberal’s way of NOT thinking, then judging them by the content of their character and not the colour of their skin, sad to say these people are idiots who have chosen to have their lips surgically attached to the buttocks of the corrupt, graft ridden and pedophilia promoting U.S. Democratic Party machine.
And on a final note, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Major League Baseball announced that it would be boycotting the All-Stars Baseball Game in Atlanta on the day right after it announced that it had signed a very lucrative financial deal for broadcast rights in Asia with the huge Communist China telecoms giant corporation TenCent (which is definitely worth an infinite amount more than 10c).
TenCent is well known for its close ties to the CCP government in Beijing.
And as we all know the CCP wants a “woke” brain dead zombie America.
Because as the Big Bad Wolf dressed as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother might put it, “The better it is to control you, my dear.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Monday April 5th


  1. daemontine said,

    Hi, do you know what Q-Anon is? I ask as this piece of writing reflects almost verbatim what it (they) R schilling in Georgia and it sounds like you went and done took the bait. Reducing what has happened/is happening there to simply asking for voter ID is not just an unfair assessment it’s untrue. Now maybe you want that political fiction within your own myth making, but it’s a reckless news report on your part. And to jump on the “woke-a-cola” bandwagon is to perpetuate the current white supremacist backlash. MLB Baseball fans from the Grand Old Party are bluffing when they say they R gonna boycott the sport.

    Anyhow, I felt somewhat obligated to assist U across the drink. I have experience with Georgia… where U may not have any, in actuality.

    Your writing is usually more interesting when playing on contemporary world problems… but alas this is purely a derivative/meme. Q-Anon would be proud of you.

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Q-Anon takes its name from Qanon the Japanese transgendered god of a Kyoto Buddhist temple and who dresses in drag pretending to be Kwan Yin the Asian Buddhist goddess of mercy when he isn’t (The Canon camera invented in Japan in 1934 takes its name from him pretending to be her. Thus Canon Cameras and Canon copying machines owe their name to Qanon).

      Qanon is a Japanese god best known for practicing deception and giving out false information.

      Thus when Q-Anon first emerged as a phenomenon back in the mid-2010s, I, with my knowledge of world mythology and mythologies, was not impressed.

      I thought its name was a clear case of Edgar Allan Poe’s Purloined Letter hiding in plain sight but only for those with eyes to see and ears to hear which isn’t the case for the vast majority of the American people of whatever political stripe or persuasion who seem to know nothing whatsoever about world culture or mythologies outside their borders.

      And Q-Anon has done exactly that – practiced deception and given out false information although they do chuck out occasional kernels of truth.

      The fact that you talk about white supremacy and object to woke people being called brainless zombies (which is probably because you’re a woke brainless zombie yourself as most young people these days are) doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re a useful idiot for the cause of Neo-Bolshevik Communism which is threatening to take over the United States and most of the world.

      Among the stupid erroneous assumptions you hold is that I support the GOP.

      The fact that I’m a monarchist and therefore wouldn’t support the Republicans is no doubt beyond your limited intellectual capacity.

      Personally I think you’re an idiot who has fallen for the Neo-Bolshevik Communist propaganda out there today.

      But in this idiocy and stupidity you’re definitely not alone.

      So has most of the population in the Western world.

      So don’t feel bad.

      You’re not alone in your stupidity and zombie awokeness.

      As for Q-Anon , I don’t fall for their stupidity like those on the far right do.

      But neither do I fall for the stupidity of Neo-Bolshevik Communist propaganda (promoted by those global oligarchy paid prostitutes and whores in the mainstream news media) like you do.

      As I said before, Q-Anon did occasionally throw out kernels of truth (albeit not very often) to give themselves some credibility.

      And one of those kernels of truth was that Bill and Hillary Clinton are involved in pedophilia (google the number of photos of Bill Clinton taken with Jeffrey Epstein- you’d be surprised).

      And if you are so stupid as to actually think that Bill and Hillary Clinton and Joe and Hunter Biden and Pope Francis and many of the American Catholic hierarchy are not involved in pedophilia and child rape, then I’ve got some swampland in Florida and a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you.

      • daemontine said,

        Hi, I just now checked my messages and found your lengthy bullshit reply. As if you could make me swallow your tripe. I have never been called stupid by anyone, EVER, unless they are jealous of me and or unwilling to take the time for anyone other than their egotistical selves.
        But, thanks for letting me in on your secrets to success.
        I never did advocate for the Clintons or the Pope… or your version of the wild west, so I have zero idea why U wanna pin yer projected self loathing onto me.
        I don’t need your mythology or history lessons. You don’t know more than I do.
        But point taken, I have offended your thin skinned writers “sensibility” and you wanna feign like you have actual readers who ‘like’ your work rather than mostly wordpress marketing bots. Well cool beans fella.
        May your monarchy be infinitely blessed by the prince formerly known as Harry.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        Ah get over yourself, you AIDS infested piece of sewer filth.

        If you want to talk about thin-skinned writers’ sensibility, then take a look in the mirror (if it doesn’t crack).

        You’ve posted 5 outraged replies and two links to try to answer me.

        Talk about being insecure.

        If you’ve never been called stupid by anyone, I suggest you get out more often.

        Furthermore you’re a total nutcase.

        Over a year ago in one of my comments, I wished you a good day.

        You started freaking out and blubbering “what did you mean by that?”.

        Then you didn’t comment on my blog for a year after that.

        Then you did about a month or two ago saying “I miss your writing. Your writing is great”.

        Then when you give a nutball criique of my writing and I reply to you with the same, you go totally beserk and give five long winded nutball critique replies.

        If you don’t like it just stay the fuck away from my blog, nut job.

        I don’t imagine someone as nutty as you are has any friends.

        That’s why nobody has ever called you stupid.

        So allow me to be the first.

        You’re both stupid and a nutjob.

      • daemontine said,

        I already unfollowed you prior to these (your) lovely replies to me. But yes, I did come back to read your writing after taking a long break from blogging. And yes, I think you have writing ability. I missed reading good current online writing (technically speaking). But it’s true I don’t flatter people. When your work sucks it sucks. When your ideas are limited and narrow, or just plain wrong, your writing sucks. And now you’re so offended all you can muster is insults and not very deep ones, just juvenile ‘you poo poo head’ ‘stupid head’ ones. Not as good as your actual writing.
        And You are talking about your own shame and self, not me or mine, pally.
        But by all means, I will not revisit your work. I apologize for hurting your feelings.
        Got my 2nd vaccination and all is well by the way. Don’t fear the reaper.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        My insults are not stupid.

        Your ability to understand them is.

        I’ll have a lot of fun tracking you down and then tying you up and cutting you up into tiny pieces while you scream for mercy which you won’t get.

      • daemontine said,

        This is what we in the USA are still dealing with (in part.) But by all means blather on. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/united-states-of-conspiracy/

      • daemontine said,

        As for being “woke” I don’t use the term and I never did. I don’t do memes like U for the sake of acting superior. Unless it drops naturally in the dialogue of character, it’s not useful to me as a poet.
        As for you supporting Trump or not, the crap you spouted in this post about Georgia was misinformation and you may as well be a Trump luvin’ butt licker along side Margery Taylor Green. Capise? (not sure if that the correct Eye-talian spelling.) Comprendo? (Not sure that’s the correct espagnol) Get it, dumb ass?

      • daemontine said,

        In my original comment, I didn’t point out that your statistics about the vaccine are wrong. Your wonky math and paranoid assessment regarding the deaths caused by the vaccines is another red flag that you are doing Q-anon and Trump’s bidding, as well as Putins… etc. I got my first vaccination 2 days ago. All is well. I will receive my follow up in about a month. Trust the science and help people stay safe. Stop spreading fear with the GOP.

      • daemontine said,

        And this for U (after all your smoke and mirrors and transphobia rhetoric, clever as it all sounded right up to Poe’s tippy toes) should make U ravenous on that raft you seem to have drifted away on. (of course it might not play in your territory and you might not be old enuff to view it yet) bon appetite!

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        And if they ever do a remake of the movie Fatal Attraction, you’re a shoo-in for the role of Glenn Close’s character.

        Stupid, ugly (why the Hell did Michael Douglas sleep with a woman uglier than his wife?) and a total nut job.

        Btw- Have a nice day!

      • daemontine said,

        Well, I am married and my husband isn’t buried in the basement yet, so it looks like you are safe… for now. Rest easy, pally. I’m not into your ‘junk.’
        Maybe Douglas’s character was into Victor Victoria types? Glenn looks a little like Julie Andrews. But as it turns out, and as you well know, most men will fuck just about anything, and beauty being in the eye of the beholder and liquor being what it is… well…
        nuff said. 😉
        Good day to you as well, oh woman-hating sir.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        I never said the corona virus wasn’t real, you piece of shit.

        As for the vaccine, people are dying from getting it.

        You’re a puppet of the CCP which is worse than a puppet of Q-Anon (which I’m not).

        As for you, I’d like to cut your ovaries out and watch you bleed all over the place.

      • daemontine said,

        btw, remove my comments if they actually make you feel ‘followed’ or stalked or disrespected by your standards or whatever.
        I am not following you. I am calling you out. You said corona virus wasn’t real and not to get the vaccine to people. You are a Q-anon puppet, yes I said that.
        I wouldn’t touch U with a ten foot pole much less fuck u. Be clear about that. Glenn Close is an actress hired to play out your male anxiety and fantasies. She’s not dumb or ugly. She’s a pretty rare person willing to act out archetypes created by men. She’s like the movie Alien where men fear a queen with an enormous vagina.
        U however work for Q-anon. U are using beautiful Hollywood actresses of the past as if they were props. Definitely U R the Vampire you claim to be only not cool. More drooling, actually. Spit not blood.
        So what if you got your feelings hurt? You feel butt hurt.
        I’m ugly to you because I would ever suck your cock or be fooled by you in the first place.
        Know how I can consider your feelings in the first place?
        Of course u don’t.
        U would never do that in the first place.
        poor poor Christopher.

      • Dracul Van Helsing said,

        You’ll be saying “Poor poor someone else” when I cut your arms and legs off without anesthetic and burn some cattle brands on your ugly face.

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