Isis and Solomon

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Tonight as the Egyptian vampiress Isis stood in her silk lingerie nightdress in her penthouse atop a tall Parisienne apartment building, she looked out at the Paris skyline and her mind drifted back millenia ago to the ancient City of Jerusalem.

“Solomon,” the sultry but lilting feminine voice spoke to the young Israeli monarch who stood by one of Jerusalem’s babbling brooks on this calm moonlit night.

The young king gazed in the direction of the stunning beautiful vampiress who was arrayed in a lovely red gown.

“Do I know you?” Solomon asked.

“I am Wisdom,” Isis approached him with her seductive smile trying hard not to sneer as she spoke those words.

“Wisdom?” Solomon blinked.

“Did you not ask The Lord your God for wisdom?” Isis approached baring her fangs.

“Yes, but…” Solomon could not finish his sentence as he gazed upon this sensuous apparition of the night.

“Well, here I am,” she laughed.

She approached and loosened the rope around his robe letting it fall to the ground.

She bit him on the lips with her fangs and then pushed him back to the ground.

She then mounted him.

* * *

Some time later outside the court of King Hiram I of Tyre, the Vampiress Isis stood with her husband the Vampire Osiris who was not in such great shape.

“You all right?” she looked with concern at her husband, lover and brother.

“To have been chopped into 14 pieces once and to have one’s phallus cut off is not something one ever recovers from,” Osiris noted wryly.

Osiris had been dismembered by his brother Set.

His brother had never forgiven Osiris for their sister Isis choosing to marry him Osiris rather than he Set.

Set then scattered his brother Osiris’ parts throughout the Land of Egypt.

Isis managed to retrieve and collect all 14 parts of Osiris except his phallus.

She put the parts back together again and using a piece of wood for his phallus- she used a spell from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to bring Osiris back to life.

Using another magical spell- this one an ancient Mesopotamian magical spell- she managed to enflesh Osiris’ wooden phallus temporarily one night and impregnate herself.

She then gave birth to Horus 9 months later.

But Osiris had never really truly been himself since his bodily dismemberment.

So Isis managed to send a message to the ancient Babylonian vampiress Lilith the world’s first vampiress and asked her to turn Osiris into a vampiric immortal.

This Lilith graciously did.

And at Isis’ request, Lilith turned her Isis into a vampiric immortal as well.

Later when Isis’ son Horus reached the age of 21, Lilith turned him into a vampiric immortal as well at Isis’ request.

When Set heard the news that Isis, Osiris and Horus had become vampiric immortals, he too wanted a piece of the action.

And he got it by giving the nymphomaniac Vampiress Lilith a piece of tail.

“My piece I give you,” Set said as he mounted her, “not as the world gives but I give.”

He entered her sacred temple and she bit him on the neck.

And this act of tantric sex would change the cosmos over Egypt.

* * *

“What are we to do?” Osiris asked Isis.

“We must abide for awhile in another land,” Isis said.

And to Tyre they went where Osiris posed as an architect named Hiram Abiff.

And in Tyre, Isis had come to hear of the young King Solomon and the mysterious god that Solomon worshipped- a god who had no idol of himself- the god known as Yahweh.

When Solomon asked his friend and ally KIng Hiram of Tyre for wood and craftsmen in building his temple to his god, Hiram sent him cedar and Hiram Abiff.

That is why Isis slept with Solomon before the Temple was to be built.

For she wanted this Temple for Yahweh to become a temple to her and Osiris- a temple through which they would eventually challenge Set for mastery of the cosmos.

And in Egypt, Set’s spies reported back to him.

And Set sent three ruffians to murder Hiram Abiff.

And again the slain Osiris was once again resurrected.

And Osiris as Hiram Abiff built Solomon his temple.

And Isis once again slept with Solomon the night the Temple was dedicated in 953 B.C.

She then arranged for Solomon to sleep with her good friend the Phoenician vampiress Ashtoreth.

Through carnal relations with vampiresses and through his many foreign-born wives (including the daughter of Pharaoh) and foreign-born concubines, Solomon came to serve other gods besides Yahweh.

Isis smiled as she recalled all this in her Parisienne penthouse apartment.

Through sex, the man called the “wisest man who ever lived” had become her slave.

And now in this new century and this new millennium, she would find new slaves and new rulers to do her bidding.

To be continued.

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