Amadeus Practices His Iban and Malay

September 9, 2011 at 8:59 pm (Vampire novel) (, , )

Amadeus had been invited to eat at the same dinner table this evening as his boss the billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set.

Amadeus normally had a very healthy appetite but watching his boss eat, he’d always lose his appetite.

“Udah makai lemai nuan?” Amadeus asked as Athelstan brought Set his dessert.

“What?” Set looked perplexed.

“That’s a phrase in the Iban language,” Amadeus answered.

“Iban? Aren’t those the people who used to hunt for human heads?” Set asked as he munched on a human foot.

Amadeus winced and looked the other direction.

He then picked up a puppet figure of Tony Blair and using a ventriloquist voice said, “Sudah makan petang kamu?”.

“What’s that?” Set asked.

“It’s Malay,” Amadeus replied.

“What do those phrases mean in English?” Set inquired.

“Have you had your dinner already?” Amadeus answered with a question.

“Well, obviously,” Set belched.

To be continued.

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