UFOs Are Now UAP: The Truth Is OutThere

May 18, 2021 at 10:38 pm (Geopolitics and International Relations, International Intrigue, News, The Supernatural, Vampire novel) (, , , , )

British MP Renfield R. Renfield was having dinner with his friend Amadeus Emanon.

“I’ve been hearing a lot in the news lately about what they’ve been offering people to take the vaccine for Covid,” Renfield sprinkled some Worcestershire sauce on his roast beef, “Krispy Kreme Donuts offered a free donut a day for a year, a Calgary brewery offered a free can of beer, the Freemasonically pastored First Baptist Church in Dallas Texas offered a free rock concert and a High School in Pittsburgh offered a free laser light show in its cafeteria to students who got the vaxx on site.”

“Yes, I’ve heard about that,” Amadeus ate his potato salad.

“To overcome what both Dr. Anthony Fauci (may seagull droppings be upon him) and Rev. Franklin Graham (who’s had a Breton Korrigan drop a gold plated shoe on his head and is having a heck of a time filling out his insurance claim form) call vaccine hesitancy,” Renfield noted, “It makes me wonder when they’re going to offer the ultimate bribe to get people to take the vaccine.”

“And what is the ultimate bribe to get people to take the vaccine?” Amadeus inquired.

“That a legalized State of Nevada brothel will offer a free lay to anyone who shows proof of having had a recent vaccine,” Renfield replied.

“That would probably do it all right,” Amadeus admitted, “Reel in the last of the vaccine hesitant.”

“There’d probably be a huge traffic jam to that brothel ranch in Nevada,” Renfield noted, “as well as a surplus of U.S. political leaders saying they only took a saline injection the first time around for public relations and political purposes. But now they’ll say they’ve had the real thing in their most recently photographed jab so they can get their lucky day freebie.”

At dessert time the subject turned to UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and what are now called UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

“I hear,” Renfield put his fork into his slice of Baked Alaska, “that beginning today, members of various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces will begin presenting evidence to a Senate Intelligence Committee on encounters that service personnel have had with UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). What used to be called UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).”

“I wonder why they changed the name?” Amadeus mused aloud.

“Governments always get the need to rename things for some reason or other,” Renfield shrugged, “In 1946, they used to be called Flying Saucers. Then in 1947, the name was changed to UFOs. In 2011, the term UAP started being used more frequently.”

“I see the Pentagon released video footage of a UAP encounter that U.S. Navy pilots had with a UAP back in 2014,” Amadeus bit into his apple pie, “I wonder why they decide now is the time to go public.”

“Possibly to help Pope Francis and his globalist allies get the Great Reset back on track as the Better Restart,” Renfield answered.

“How will that help?” Amadeus asked.

“Well the Set Enterprises Intelligence Unit has been examining some quotes from New Age and Theosophist leader Alice A. Bailey in her book The Externalization of The Hierarchy,” Renfield explained, “And how much they sound like recent statements by Pope Francis on politics and economics and social issues and the environment. Bailey thought the Ascended Masters (beings who supposedly live high in the Himalayas and had contact with other dimensions) would someday manifest in this earthly plane. Perhaps they’ll manifest as the occupants of UAP or the more poplar term UFOs.”

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Tuesday May 18th


  1. David Redpath said,

    Uncle Ernie is on his way to that
    Nevada cathouse right now ✈️
    Not as a customer, but to give a
    helping hand to those poor hard
    working girls, so to speak. He
    thought he’d take the opportunity
    to try out his new drag persona,
    Conchita Bratwurst. He’s even
    calling his latest drag extravaganza
    . . . ‘A Big Jab For A Little Prick💉’.
    Good old Uncle Ernie! He’s always
    prepared to take one for the team 😎

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Yes, there’s no more appropriate slogan for Uncle Ernie in this matter than a “Big Jab For A Little Prick 💉🧫

      Glad to see Uncle Ernie is always willing to take one for the team. 🍑🥒

  2. George F. said,

    Vandenburg Air Force base has now officially been renamed Vandenburg Space Force base…the UAP thing, IMO, is setting us up for another false flag (invasion of the aliens) to funnel more billions into the military industrial complex. Releasing the videos, the secret records…they’re heeeerrree! The voting masses are getting tired of oil wars where we wipe each other out, but a war with a creepy looking alien species who look nothing like us, who are “others” with advanced technology, will have get appeal and get massive political appeal votes. Been wondering about that name change myself.

  3. Dawn Renee said,

    These people are sick.

  4. shєrríє dє vαlєríα said,

    And what did Scully & Mulder said about this in 2021?

    • Dracul Van Helsing said,

      Mulder said, “UAP sounds like the name of a parcel delivery service to me, Scully.”

      Scully: “Are you saying, Mulder, that my Amazon order is out there?”.

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